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  1. Just an estimate.NL Holdem Ring: Minus $100PL Omaha Ring: Plus $45NL Holdem Tourney: Plus $660Total: Plus $605Starting in July I hope to keep more accurate records...
  2. LOL. this girl who went to my highschool wanted to invent those too. did your dad have a name for them? her's were going to be called "soul strips."she was on a prescription for lithium at the time... if that means anything.
  3. to putting all his efforts into winning WSOP events so that FCP can have more of those gnarly value added tourneys to celebrate.
  4. friend is not too good and buy-in he wants to play is a little high for my bankroll. sounds good. thanks.
  5. so bounty on dna then?that would make for a pretty interesting hand when you got 75 chips left all-in from the big blind.
  6. my friend has this terrible idea of playing in a tournament when we go up to AC this weekend. anyone ever play in the $100 + 25 one that takes place saturday mornings at the trop? is it a good tourney? or should i look elsewhere?
  7. LOL. i've been hearing stuff like this my whole life.
  8. 2 weeks ago in the neg-O early in tourney:meservery shows fullhouse 3s full of 9s.vvganeshavv shows fullhouse 10s full of 9s.i hate my life.
  9. do you really have to? i would like to hold onto to ninth place.
  10. this guy really hates being under the gun.
  11. nice work, jester. i was thinking of calculating it myself too. but i just chose to space out all day instead.evilgn told me after i busted this wednesday that friller was going to pass me... funny. looks like someone passed evil. i'll find a way to blow it somehow.
  12. play 1-2 NL in AC. buy-in for $200.2nd hand get dealt pocket aces. take down $400 pot.not much later, crack pocket aces by spiking 3rd king on river.go home with nearly $1k profit...not too difficult. don't even need to learn how to play correctly.
  13. neteller doesnt fux around.when i was trying to setup my account, i was having problems with the security questions. answered them incorrectly multiple times. then my phone started ringing and i just knew it was them calling me. a little freaked out, i answered the phone, and sure enough it was neteller. nervous.
  14. yeah. as far as tables go. this one is up there. nice work.
  15. check out the site:http://www.louisck.com/his standup is the best. hands down.
  16. no one ever posts in here after the wednesday tourney any longer. so i'll go for it.i totally donked off all my chips in 2 hands and i dont deserve to finish in the top nine for the quarter.i registered for this knowing that i wouldnt be able to play when it started and may not even be able to play at all. i just needed the points desperately. so i do finally make it after auto-folding my way down to 770 chips. blinds were at 75/150. i push a couple times and steal the blinds. the 4th time i am going to push, someone pushes before me. i have aces. STOKED! i call and win. moving up!i get 8s a f
  17. i'll be there. i plan on getting knocked out by mercury again. that guy kills me.
  18. i assume you dont want to link your bank account directly to neteller?you could try something like this:setup a stock account and then link everything together like so,bank - stock acct - neteller - FCPyeah? maybe?
  19. i dont know... i see myself sucking out even more tonight. back-to-back anyone?
  20. northern virginia here. 20 miles from DC. 90 or so miles from richmond... yeah.
  21. forgetting the crazy post-flop play for a second, was the person who re-raised to 30 preflop the one holding pocket 2s?
  22. I thought I saw someone saying that nyrajf is Andrew Feldman from ESPN... not sure though, could have just been imagining things.I do know that i saw nyrajif get knocked out by a backdoor flush. Bitter.
  23. i remember this one. that was a gnarly hand. you had the 2 overcards and the flush draw. you didnt deserve to go out on this one... i hate king/queen.
  24. thanks, XX.I hit 2 crazy river cards with 11 and 3 players left and kept surviving. Got very lucky at the right times.It also helped that I picked up pocket aces 4 or 5 times...
  25. what?!? miss the season premiere of celebrity poker showdown? that's crazy talk.
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