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  1. If you know villain is that spazzy, and you aren't comfortable getting all the money in preflop, don't reopen the betting here. Just call and play postflop with position. As played, you have to call considering your previous action.
  2. Like Bob said, do not invest too much. For those still playing online, just think of it as a training ground, until US regulation (if/when) happens, and the recreational player comes back. Like me!
  3. A 200% Deposit Bonus* of up to $4,000. That seems good. Not sure how long you have to clear the bonus.
  4. The emails I got from Cake and Juicy Stakes showed the link as being .EU. I downloaded the skin from the .EU site this morning. Although, if you do a google search, the .COM shows up... Like Corvair says, everything seems exactly the same. Let the plol resume!
  5. We should probably not 3-bet pre if we aren't prepared to get stacks in when we get 4-bet. And for the bolded, are you saying his pre-flop raise of the limpers represents real strength? Or are you now talking about the post-flop re-raise (which obviously represents real strength)?
  6. Yeah but atleast you have a rock solid lawsuit...Being a person with a hearing disability who graduated with a college bachelors degree, trying to find a job isnt easy due to my lack of hearing and employers think that my hearing issue would be a liability.."Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended (ADA), which prohibit employment discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in the private sector, and in state and local governments"
  7. I'm subscribed to her channel as well. Its so sick how you can only barely see her hand during parts of "Toxicity."
  8. This was great tv. Brought it back to 2006 and 2007 when they pay-per-viewed the final table live. Finally got the whole November Nine thing done right.
  9. Almost 8 years later the right ear lobe is 50% larger than its brother.
  10. Stars Echeck Cashout requested Monday. Posted to bank account by Thursday.
  11. So much for being a tax payer for 13 years only for the DOJ to take away my right to play poker in my underwear. Glad to see it was money well spent. fukk
  12. The death of Party and Ongame in the states lead to stars and tilt and ub.So Merge, Cake, yahatay?
  13. This is bullshit. They still try to site the UIEGA, which sited the wire act. The UIEGA does not reference poker at all. All it ref'd was Unlawful Internet Gambling. Poker was not mentioned in the UIEGA.There is nothing in US federal law anywhere that says playing poker for money is illegal in any way shape or form.
  14. @ hud(I haven't read those twoplustwo threads/wells yet,,, but i will.)There was an episode about a month or two ago on deuce plays, discussing huds. I want to say it was the grindcore ep???(terrible paraphrase warning)I can't remember the person, but they said that beating the micro and small stakes without a HUD is very beneficial to your poker development.Learning how to beat the fish without a hud should come first, and once that is done you can start to incorporate a HUD
  15. Very interesting hand.I guess a set could be turning his hand into a bluff here, but if villain does have a set why is he not re-potting the turn after hero CRs. Would AAxx or KKxx really be that worried about exactly 25xx? Also I think a set bets more than half pot on the turn.QJTx with or without a club draw could have called the CR.Ask villain to bet 30 next time.
  16. But I have position and a sooted T8!seriously though. how loose of a call is in on a scale of 1-10? whats the bottom of your range for calling here.against the button i'd 3 bet or fold normally... but with position shouldn't we be calling blind v blind?
  17. igoring results...I thought about raising turn, but wouldnt that fold out lots of his Aces? Also arent I in a very tough spot if I get re-raised? If i flat and then villain checks the river i can value bet and get called by an Ace, hoping he'd think i missed hearts.
  18. So since I feel like I have a decent enough $25 NLHE graph, last night decided to play a 4 hour session of $50 NLHE. I will be posting a ton of hands where I played bad, got outplayed, ran horribly and ran god-like. But first I need to get this one out of the way.Converted by the cows of Feral Cow PokerPokerStars No-Limit Hold'em $0.25/$0.50 - 5 playersBB: $50.00 (Hero)UTG: $74.50 CO: $83.00 Button: $60.60 SB: $57.65 Preflop: ($0.75) Hero is BB with (5 players)3 folds, SB raises to $1.50, Hero calls $1Flop: ($3.00) (2 players)SB bets $2, Hero calls $2Turn: ($7.00) (2 players)SB bets $
  19. @ AJ94What hand would he bluff with on the end that would call a river check raise?Unless he will value bet a naked jack... but even then villain might bet fold KJxx, QJxx.I can't find value in a river CR with this hand.
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