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  1. Well Matusow busted so my money goes on Deeb, Sailors mouth that guy.JEFF
  2. The guy who one Event #1's name was ANDY Nguyen. Just Clarifying.Jeff
  3. Well at least you bested DN, Congratultions.JEFF
  4. Benihana's Rules, Steak Is SOOO Good!!!JEFF
  5. Bodog is guaranteeing 1 seat a day and they have pretty big overlays on their prize pools, plus their fields are a smaller than most sites.JEFF
  6. Definitely interested, I am from Grafton, about 20 minutes North of Milwaukee. Post on here if we get one together.Jeff
  7. Thank You, Definitely Going To Deposit In The Next Few Weeks.JEFF
  8. My friend and I play out of the same bankroll, which has been very successful for the both of us and we wer looking at making the full deposit on Games Grid but don't know how they release the bonus. What I mean is, in what kind of dollar increments do they release it, every $50 or $100 or whatever. From all the posts I am excited to put some money on there so any feedback would be very much appreciated.JEFF
  9. The Stardust is an old hotel, not the nicest place in Vegas but the 3/6 game is the loosest in town according to the locals. I tried it out while I was there, 15 hour session up 200 BB, pretty sweet. Some lady lost 1k while I was playin in the game, GROSS. I took some of it but she was BADD!!Jeff
  10. To go along with this post, I also stick mainly to NL cash games and was wondering what a good BB/100 rate is, if there is one, or if there is another way I should gauge my earning. I mainly play .50/1 NL and only single table for about 500 or 600 hands per day. Thanks for the input.JEFF
  11. Neither, I like to get all the money in preflop with AK and the PP always seems to hold up more often than not and K10 gets me in trouble if a K hits or i get the open ended draw and call down til river.JEFFP.S. But if I had to pick one, to settle argument, AK.
  12. One of the great short stack players in tournament poker today is none other than Harley Hall. He is sitting at about 43K after Day One of the WPT Championship. I am betting with this short stack, considerate of blind sizes and where the chip leaders are at, Harley finishes in the Top 75. Anyone else have any predictions on where he will finish in the WPT. Be interesting to hear everyones input.JEFF
  13. Those slippers are awesome, wear them around the apartment everyday. Everyone should invest in a pair, great comfortability for playing long sessions.JEFF
  14. Also watched the final table, DeeGee didn't impress me at the final table, but hey better to be lucky than good sometimes. But you figure when playing for 12.5K u arent gonna take those risks. My friend got knocked out by her near the bubble, real weak hand, cant remember it. Ne Ways, good concept for the tourneys though, awesmoe marketing tool.JEFF
  15. Had A Friend who got his chat banned for calling Clonie Gowen a dork, chat taken away for a month. Kind of lame, he was just joking around with her but support didnt think so, so I think the guy ripping on THE MOUTH about crack is gonna get it taken away for a good long while.JEFF
  16. Will do on the blind stealing, lol. And about moving down, I know the BR should be 300 BB, but I feel i have a graso if this game and can beat it a this point. If anyone thinks I am just being stubborn please let me know, just the way I see it.Jeff
  17. So I have been in quite the Poker rut lately. I am an avid reader of all of the forum topics even though I have very few posts. So Back to my rut. I had been playin mostly small No Limit stuff on Full Tilt, like .50/1 and .25/.50. I was not able to gete anything going and the bad beats(along with some poor/frustrating play) and my $200 deposit was down the drain. So I started to read WRTO's daily blog on the Low Limits at Party and decided to deposit. Well I deposited $200 3 days ago and have worked my roll to $450. So I would like thank all of those who have posted the Low Limit Strate
  18. I Deposited 6oo and 10 Days Later I Cleared My Bonus Playing .25/.50 NL All The Way Up To 2/4 NL. The Action On The Site At Night Is Great And There Are So Many Loose Players With More Money Than You Can Dream Of. Most Days If You Just Play A Tight Aggressive Game You Can Make A Couple Hundred On The .25/.50 All The Way Up To A Thousand On The 2/4 NL Depending On The People Playing. Plus Playing With The Pros Is Fun And They Are All Nice.JEFF
  19. I am Kind Of New To The Forum And Saw You Guys Talkin About Goin To The Casino And Gettin A Home Game Together. I am From Mequon And Would Be Down For Joining You Guys In A Home Game Or At The Casino. Post Some Info On The Forum With Times And Dates To Let Me Know.JEFF
  20. No Doubt World Cup. The Sport Played By More People And An Actual Championship Of The World. I Am ACtually Going To A Few Games Next Summer, Have A Friend In The Army And Am Stayin WIth Him, Can't Remember Base Name, Should Be Trip Of A Lifetime.
  21. I am Pretty Sure That At Full Tilt All You Need To Do Is E-Mail Their Support And They Will Set Everything Up for You. Not Exactly Sure But At Least Thats How It Was When The Site First Opened, So Dont Kill The Messenger.
  22. So I have the poker game that X-BOX released, and it stinks. My friend has the same one on PS2 and the gameplay is horrible. The computer plays almost everyhand and never holds, creating the "PARTY POKER" effect. Its fun if the cards are running right for ya but it is just plain frustrating most of the time.
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