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  1. The amazing race owns definatly my top 3 reality show favourite
  2. gloyner were you waiting for it or is that just when you happened to check your email?need times recieved people! to keep the hope alive or not too!
  3. he was the 2nd lst fresh body that was absolutly wildthe 2nd link was sick too
  4. use "Lickal Ruff Head." as your new nickname or something!that made my night
  5. sorry I got to this thread late (didnt read the 6 pages of posts)But this has got to be one of the biggest mistakes that a community could have taken.This will divide more then unite. Making the "vets" their own private forum will only induce tighter bonds and a more fierce defence if a "newbie" says something out of line towards another "vet"
  6. Multi-Way pot with lots of limpers. Button makes a raise I'm SB with KQo bad fold in this big of a pot? I figured after the hand I have excellent odds to enter this pot. My hand while not the greatest figures to be close to best. And the button is a wild player. I just felt my outs were scattered too much around the table.DiscussParty Poker 0.50/1 Hold'em (10 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is SB with Q:club:, K:diamond:. UTG calls, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 calls, 2 folds, UTG calls, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 calls, MP3 calls.Flop: (11.50 SB) 9:club:, 4:spade:, T:diamond: (5 players)
  7. Thx Screech I will definatly use this advice for future situations.
  8. Nope.This makes me want to fold AJ even more since you'll likely be playing in at least a 4 way pot for 3-bets preflop. AJ just doesn't play well enough under these conditions.--I have to say. Folding this did go through my mind. But I just couldnt let this go. CO wasnt a sharp player I'm almost 100% sure he raised it up with A,x at best maybe a small PP. Maybe my take on my post flop abilities is too generous.Thx for the replies so far
  9. The CO was a calling station from the little information I had about him.Note during the flop betting he never raises he just calls. So either hes on a weak J or a small pair IMO.SB completed the raise with J,3 and took down the pot.He never pushes after the flop so I was pretty certain I was best. Especially because of the player.
  10. *Edit after CinciKid's Post"** This table was way to loose to fold AJ on the button to 1 raise and a maniac to my left.SB is a wild playerDiscuss.Party Poker 0.50/1 Hold'em (10 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is Button with A:heart:, J:diamond:. 4 folds, CO calls, Hero calls, SB calls, BB calls.Flop: (10 SB) 3:club:, J:spade:, 7:heart: (5 players)SB bets, SB calls, CO calls.Turn: (11.50 BB) T:diamond: (3 players)SB checks, CO checks, Hero bets, SB calls, CO calls.River: (14.50 BB) 6:club: (3 players)SB checks, CO bets, Hero calls, SB calls.Final Pot: 17.50 BB
  11. this is most definatly not a place where you should have bet.definatly a good check.Did you win?
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