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  1. To add to my post above...ALSO, you can override the ptbb/hr, by simply replacing the forumla in the PTBB/100 cell with an actual number. I play a couple times a week in the cash games in LA, moral of the story the guys I see everytime I roll into the commerce aren't making millions... and are hardly making enough to do anything in LA....I guess I'll stay an investment banker.
  2. I added a couple modifications to this related to annual income. All assumptions are in blue, with calculations in black. Pretty interesting to watch income variances as you refresh the chart.http://www.furniturecooperative.com/varian...assumptions.xls variancedemo_w.incomeassumptions.xls
  3. agreed, my point is just that I want to start to develop a feel for the tourny beast, put myself in positions to win both live and online. I'm always a little shocked by the play of the ipod, sunglasses, hoodie wearing tourny crowd. They very well could be playing it right... I just want to learn and get comfortable. At that point I'll see you on Sundays.
  4. Would like you guys feedback on this...I am a successful cash game player in Los Angeles at the 5/10 NL games around town. Unfortunately my online game has been up and town, usually doing well in a MTT followed by getting the urge to play a 10/20 HU cash game... followed by desparately playing $50 SNGs to get even...As you can imagine, this strategy hasn't proven to be successful. Several months ago I hit a big enough score in a MTT to cash out of online a lifetime winner, and since have been just been playing live at the casinos here.I now have the urge to really work on my MTT game to prep
  5. Not much you can do, I probably lay it down to a reraise of that size as I have to put almost any player on at least jacks and I'm not going to race off my stack in a juicy cash game...But if you are going to virtually commit your stack in the first 2 betting rounds you are at the mercy of the cards... I say you're winning here <30% of the time when you wiff the flop...If you have a read you have a read, but I think you can find more profitable situations to put your self in.
  6. Hi all-I am going to be in New Jersey for a couple weeks training for work and have never really been east of Las Vegas. I will be in the Florham Park Area, can anyone give me info on places to play in the area? Also is there any kind of train or other mass transit that gets me to Atlantic City?Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. same thing, froze up, now I can't log in
  8. You'll see these games 24/7 at Commerce, also Bike & Hustler will spread them most of the time. See you there.
  9. do you know what the satellite structure will be for the ME? Single table?
  10. Hi FCP-I generally play live at the casino's in the LA area, I've never ran into an issue with chopping the blinds, but I want your feedback on this.Playing $2/3 100NL, I'm the big stack at table with 500 in front of me, I look at AK in the BB, however the rest of the table has folded. When it gets to the SB, I say, "Wanna Chop?" he says "I have a good hand" I say, fine lets play. He calls the blind, I raise 4x big blind. He is a bit upset, but calls. flop comes A74 rainbow. He pushes all in in front of me and shows me A9 before I make a decision. I say, "buddy, why'd you do that, I cal
  11. Count me in, wouldn't be available Mid Jan-Mid March. Sounds like a great time.
  12. I am playing very aggressively in position pre-flop. Betting my good draws. I generally find that I can exploit opponents who, for reasons unknown to me, don't put in good value bets.Basic strategy is such: VERY AGGRESSIVE, when I develop my table image as a very aggressive (a bit crazy in my opponents mind) type player I find that I am in control of the game. When I miss my hand I will lose 1, maybe 2 bets post flop, and when I hit I will win 3-4 bets because people call me with mid pair to nothing.Definately still early on in my HU expirience, I've played about 1200 hands of 5/10 at a $3
  13. After reading about DN's online heads up battles, I've started playing heads up online. I typically play either 5/10 or 10/20 limit. I'm having a blast playing, however always wind up about even. Will finish a session up and give it back next time.Is the nature of online heads up, so fast and so much action, one that is, to a certain extent, unbeatable? I am a consistantly winning cash game poker player in the casino's at 3-500 NL, but this one's got me. Let me know you guys thoughts.Thanks
  14. Just picked up a white face TAG link... I always try and pull some off the top when I'm winning. Helps me remember the good times!
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