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  1. I don't see any other way to play it, unless you want to go all in and complain on this forum about the crazy hand you lost with top pair.
  2. I was about to ask Smash where in Boston he is from. I grew up there, then lived there for another year after school, before moving to the Southwest. Then I realized everyone would think I was gay and hitting on him.Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  3. I thought this topic was a joke when I first saw it. Chad is possibly the least funny man on television. Every single joke feels like he sat in his basement for hours watching the replays trying to write material for the post-tourney taping of the commentary. Honestly, listen to his jokes and you can tell how rehearsed and forced they are. I find it painful to listen to him.Personally, I like Lederer. He is informative, and it is like getting a free poker lesson from one of the top players in the world. I am not looking for standup comedy when I watch poker.Also, my girlfriend thinks tha
  4. I crouch on my chair, lean over the table, and place my balls on the cards. You know, to let everyone know I have...never mind, I need a life.
  5. Two questions (and they really are questions, not trying to be funny)1. do you want to make a move that a pro would make against another pro when you are playing with amateurs? don't you change your play based on the fact that your opponent is not very good2. wouldn't a good pro be able to sniff out a move like that pretty easily?
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    Now THAT's funny.
  7. They should have skipped the awkward attempt at playing heads up and had a good mud wrestling match instead.
  8. I was wondering about that also, but we might as well let it go. The conversation was going nowhere anyway
  9. I know I've said this before so sorry for repeating myself.If a fairly inexperienced live player throws out a big bet.....a. if they are leaning forward and staring at you they almost certainly do not have it. they are trying to act aggressive so you will foldb. if they lean back in their chair and look like they don't care if you play or not, they have a big hand.One more tip...watch Celebrity Poker Showdown. The celebs display a number of tells as Phil Gordon points them all out to the viewer.
  10. He explains it on his website.
  11. Anyone ever notice many bad beat stories posted on these forums are very similar to the stories in this thread? It all depends on what perpective you are coming from. It is easy to rationalize almost any play, no matter how bad it actaully is.I'm waiting for the day when the two players from a heads up battle both post at the same time about how the other was a terrible.
  12. It's not a stupid question. This is what forums are for, not just sharing bad beat stories. If you don't like the thread don't read it.Anyways, it is important to know who are the tightest pros, because it shows how they use their reputations to their advantage. Look at how so many people here have named Dan Harrington. He used this reputation beautifully at the final table of the Main Event this year. Facing a raise and a reraise, he went all-in with 6 2 and got two strong players to fold their hands. This got him half a million chips and the chance to make a small comeback.
  13. I am looking forward to seeing what some of the regular posters have to say about this.I have had the same problem, and only have a few suggestions. 1. Most of the inexperienced players I have faced can be beaten by limping in, and outplaying them after the flop. 2. Read Caro's Book of Tells or watch Celebrity Poker Showdown. Phil Gordon explains all kinds of tells that you see in beginners, and it is funny to see them in action. Simple things like leaning forward when bluffing and leaning back with the nuts are hilarious because inexperienced players really do them constantly.3. Feed th
  14. I actually believe this is true for cash games also. At my local casino they consider a hand to be mucked if you only show one card, regardless of whether or not that one card would represent the winning hand.
  15. Point taken, on both subjects. Now I can go back to the 4-8 table and be comfortable that I shouldn't be moving to a higher limit until I can beat them game a little more consistently. Hopefully that will be enough to keep me from doing something stupid the next time a 90 year old man takes a huge pot with a 38 suited, while eating lo mein, talking to his wife, and keeping an eye on the dog races.
  16. You talk a lot of shit, but I've never actually seen you write anything useful about poker. I'm going to take a wild guess that you're 16, have never been to a casino without having to stand on the rail watching daddy play, and spend most of your time playing fake money online. Oh, and maybe you get crazy one in a while and play .05/.10 games when you get your allowance.
  17. No offense taken. I think you probably know a lot more about odds than I do, so can you explain the "schooling" phenomenon to me? I was under the impression that if I have AA (for example), I would rather go heads up than be up against four other players. With AA five handed, I may have the highest percentage on the table of winning the hand, but that percentage is still well under 50% because of the amound of hands.
  18. I live in Phoenix, and play live limit hold em games at a few local casinos. I played 3-6 for a while, until I couldn't take the amount of jackasses staying in every hand. We have tourists, old people just there for socialization, and rich people playing at limits so low that they don't care what happens.I recently moved up to 4-8, and am having much more success. Unfortunately, there are still many times when I feel like inferior players are taking huge pots through poor play. One or two bad players are great and will be cleaned out fairly quickly, but when four out of nine players are pl
  19. I don't know about checking on the river, but I don't think you should have let it go that far in the first place. After the turn your opponent could have had two pair or a straight draw. I think you should have check raised him all-in at that point, so he couldn't get lucky at the river. Why take the chance to get sucked out?By the way, that play with quad jacks was beautiful. Too many people get overexcited and go all-in with quads after the turn instead of bleeding as much money as possible from your opponent.
  20. I actually disagree with that one. I can't rattle off statistics, but with only three left I would call almost every time with QQ, unless I had picked up on a previous tell showing one of the players had a huge hand. It is one thing when four out of eight other players call all-in, but three handed QQ is a monster. This same thing happened a few times to an amatuer at the world series when he was up against Daniel and Juana, and those hands when his queens held up won the bracelet for him.
  21. I'll buy that. And I think anyone easily offended should remember this thread. The last thing we need is anyone "dumbing down" their comments.
  22. no it was funny to me too...You know... I can't believe that you guys are poker players and are this sensative.Sheeesh.Although i do agree with the post... bad beats happen, just focus on making good plays all the time and they won't bother you.I think you misunderstood. I was saying that he was trying to be funny, but if anyone doesn't find it funny, they should just ignore it. Either way, my only point is that you can be funny without being a douche. Trash talking is fine, but I don't think forums are meant to be trash talking competitions. Also, as I've learned through some poorly thoug
  23. I've been reading these posts for a while, and I just joined up. I agree that we should stick to poker and drop the personal attacks. I just wonder why you take those people seriously. For example, Smasharoo obviously knew exactly what the first post was about, he (or she) just wanted to be an ******* to be funny. I'm not sure if people like that realize that it's only funny to them, and to the rest of us it's only worth about 2 seconds of annoyance. Anyways, I do have to say that of all the sites I've been considering jumping in on, this is by far the best.
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