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  1. March Goals-10,000 hands-Make $1500 (rakeback and bonuses included)Current roll is at about $4600, would like to get it up over 6k by april playing 1/2NLResults:Got in around 11k hands, went on the worse downswing of my poker career to date, got down 1100 to start march out and pretty much wanted to shoot myself. I kept pluggin away at it and somehow made it all back and ended up having my best month (financially) ever and finished plus about 2k. To be honest with myself, even though the cards were p*ssing in my face, my play was pretty god awful during my downswing. Anyways, April Goals:Make
  2. I spent a good amount of time in Jan/Early Feb withdrawing funds to pay off debts then moving a portion of my bankroll to Absolute so I didn't really set any goals last month. March Goals-10,000 hands-Make $1500 (rakeback and bonuses included)Current roll is at about $4600, would like to get it up over 6k by april playing 1/2NL
  3. My affiliate sucks and they're shady taboot and I'd like to switch affiliates but don't know if this is possible. I know opening up a 2nd acct is out the of question, so I was wondering if anybody has any experience with this.Is it possible to switch affiliates or am i just stuck with the one I have?
  4. Dear XXXX,Thank you for contacting Bodog Customer Service in regard to your bonus offers.The bonus is still currently available, however, it will soon be removed. The 10% reload bonus will available until 11:59 PM on Monday, January 29, 2007This is our busiest time of year, and with the unfortunate events of January 17th we’ve already seen a big increase in both the expense and manpower needed to manage our remaining deposit options. There’s never a great time to make this type of change, but it is necessary for us to ensure our product and our customer service remain at the forefront in
  5. Here's a site that lists E-Wallets and poker rooms that currently accept US players:http://www.compatiblepoker.com/usa.php
  6. Dec was prob my best month ever to date. I've been working in 1 200NL table with my normal 100NL games and been doing ok. If I can keep my hot steak running into Jan that'd be real nice. Jan Goals: 1. Earn $1,400 in bonus money plus cash results2. Continue to try and play in a $200 NL game when I'm playing my $100 games3. Improve tourney gameGL this next year fellas.
  7. wow, that put me on tilt just reading that. If I weren't skinny and a p*ssy i'd spit in his face...And then I'd run from the meaty security guards.
  8. Yeah, I've read a handful of old topics, figured us degenerates prob don't have much else better to do, so might as well post a new thread.
  9. I was wondering what you guys felt is a good rule of thumb for moving up in limits for NLHE. I've read anwhere ranging from 20 buy ins for a recreational player to 60 buy ins for a person playing full time. Also do any of you set bankroll goals? IE. you won't (or try not to at least) withdraw from your poker acct until you hit a certain set amount. The reason I ask is because I've been trying to hit 10k for a while now and I'm not withdrawing until I do. Was jut wondering if anybody else set goals along those lines. A buddy of mine suggested making $2500, then withdrawing $500, then just rins
  10. I emailed Bodog support regarding this, here was the response I received: Thank you for contacting Bodog Poker. My name is Greg and I am a supervisor for the Bodog poker room. I apologize for the delay in this response, but rest assured your funds are secure, and you will be able to continue playing on the Bodog website. There is no plan to pull out of the US market and we will continue to grow as a company and we will continue to offer high quality service for our valued US players.We are confident that all of our marketing efforts over the last few years have done a good job in the US market
  11. So i have 40k in chips in a $10 NL tourney. There are 7 of us left at the final table. I'm in the bb with J J Blinds are 1k - 2k with a 100 anteIt's folded to the button, short stack with 8k. He pushes, sb calls (32k) and I call (39K) Flop comes:A J Q My question is, am I ok to bet here? Or is it bad form and hence I should just check it down?I was pretty confused on what standard practice for implied collusion is when one guy flops a big hand.
  12. Came up short of my goal last month to win 1,000. Did clear 5k, which was nice, but still have a lot of work left to do to hit 10k. Currently at about $5200.Goals for Dec:1. Earn $700 total (bonuses included) at .50/1 NL2. Not gonna take any shots at 1/2 NL until my bankroll is higher. I generally try and stick to a 50 buy in rule. Really hurts the sack to take a beat or two at a higher limit. 3. Keep trucking toward getting the roll up to 10k. 4. Um, no playing drunk? Well, I'll be honest with myself, maybe that's a little too lofty of a goal. I'll just try to stick to either playing smash s
  13. .50/1 NL I'm in the CO with 10 10 ($85). UTG +1 ($115) raises to $3, Mid position calls (70$) and I call. So pot's about $10 going to the flop. Flop:10 7 4 Raiser bets $3, Mid position folds. At this point I immediately put him on overcards, AK or AQ and I want to get a little action from my flopped set, so I smooth call. Turn:A Raiser checks. (this I thought was a little strange cause I had him on AK or AQ, but I thought maybe he had JJ and was just playing it passively. Pot was about $16, so I bet $9. Raiser then min check raises me $18. So here I now think I was right and he has AK a
  14. Ahh, this is my first time posting in my favorite thread.Nov Goals: 1. Get my bankroll up over 5k. This has been my short term goal for a bit, currently at $4700. Long term goal is 10k. 2. Try and make $1000 this month, including rakeback and bonuses3. Take some shots at 1/2 NL, currently at .50/1. Good luck this month fellas.
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