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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for the posts. For the record, it was me, not my friend, who played the hand. He called me an idiot, but having said that, he's a very novice player. I'll send him the link to this board now so he can check it out. Thanks again.
  2. I thought I'd include the percentages for convenience. The spades are 47% to win.
  3. I'm sorry if this should be in the strategy section, but I thought I could get away with it in here. I got in an argument with a friend over a play made in a heads-up cash game. If anyone has time, we'd really appreciate some impartial comments on whether or not this was a good or bad play that Chantro made. Thanks.Just as some background, pricoli has been raising about 60% of his own big blinds. Dealer: Hand #1614010973Dealer: chantro posts the small blind of $0.50Dealer: pricoli posts the big blind of $1Dealer: You have been dealt [6s 5s]Dealer: chantro calls $0.50Dealer: pricoli raises to $
  4. I've wondered about counterfiets myself. Thanks for the info.
  5. During the show we watch her play about 5 hands, one of which includes her taking continuous shots at a pot with Ace-high and no draw. I think that's aggressive.
  6. That's just one of the many advantages to having position. If you're first to act, you move in and collect the preflop calls. You'll all have a chance to do it.
  7. what the hell does tp/mm mean?
  8. when i placed third in the 500k guarantee on party, i sat at a 1/2 table with $40,000 and capped every street of every pot for about 20 minutes. i made $11. it was fun.
  9. The porn magazines on the coffee table!
  10. yeah i'd like to know if i could sign up for a different date too. i have a ticket for the one on the 6th, but i'd like to play in a later one. help?
  11. It's + EV.You might want to do some reading on probability to learn exactly what expected value is, so you won't have to ask questions like this.
  12. Please rethink this, and come back with something better.
  13. Did you look?If he said he didnt' see anything, then he must have looked. Stop being an asshole for absolutely no reason. Does it make you feel good inside to intimidate people that don't surf every fucking thread constantly like you do? Let people post for fuck's sake.
  14. If by dumb, you mean awesome, and by you, you mean an asshole, then you're right!!!!
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