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  1. Shaun Deeb helping Lamb by the sounds of things.A lot of Ireland's top players are over railing O'Dea so I'd imagine one or more of them are providing support for him.
  2. no activity here for the biggest day of the year? Come on FCP!!Let's go O'Dea, let's hope he can bring it home!
  3. Very nice! Well done and enjoy it. and lol at take the cash. I'd bet anyone playing $1.60 sats is not playing these as their exclusive game! When u say u scored 50% in Cyprus, what do u mean by that?
  4. that looks like an absolutely sick deal! So buy 3, get the 4th free? Is there any catch or is this as good as it seems?
  5. It started out as normal, Like any other Friday,Until I saw my friend,He had something to say,Did you hear about Absolute?No, tell me moreThe FBI shut them down, They were breaking the law,But Absolute and UB,They were scumbags already,Surely Tilt and Stars,Are holding steady,I log on to FullTiltPoker.com,"The FBI has seized this URL",No more online poker?And possibly Howard Lederer in a cellWhat will this mean for the World series,And all live events? When Stars is a site,You can no longer frequent, Cardplayer magazine, Pocket fives and deuces cracked, All losing out on business, Thanks to Ba
  6. please say it ain't so
  7. ffs I can't beat this game. Some basic tips would be appreciated
  8. haha oh jesus what a sick sweatI've always thought all this UIGEA, illegal online poker etc was just talk and no matter what, US players would always be able to play online. But I admit, this does look to be the worst it's ever been!The next 48hrs will tell a lot as will the next week I feel. If US players aren't back playing by this time next week, I'm really not sure what to think
  9. oh okay, didn't realise EPT Deauville was so soon after Australia
  10. Thanks Bob.Obviously with the nature of the internet, it's impossible for any of these sort of deals to be 100% safe and secure. Needless to say, you can definitely trust me. If I do cash for any amount and you have a % of me, you can be 100% guaranteed you'll get your money.
  11. also, kinda sick, Seidel won over $3mill this year alone at the Aussie Millions. He also came 2nd in the 100k event in '07.He has a pretty good record in both these high roller events and in Australia actually. He came 4th in the PCA 25k high roller event earlier this year. In Australia, he has cashed for about $4.5mil in the last 4 years. This includes a 2.5mil win in the 250k high roller, a 600k 3rd place in the 100k, he won the 10k Omaha event last year for 120k, a million dollars for second place in the ME in 08, and a 2nd place finish in the 100k high rollers for 550k in 07!
  12. read DNs blog about this, but didn't actually realise he didn't play in it himself. Anyone know why he didn't play in it?
  13. Hello FCP!I will be playing the 2011 Irish Open Main Event and have decided to sell pieces of myself to the FCP community. The EventThe event is a €3500 buy-in NLHE freezeout. There is expected to be about 700 players (707 in 2010, 700 in 2009, 667 in 2008) and first prize will be around €600,000. Day 1 of the event is April 22nd 2011 and it is a 4 day event.See Irish Open site and Irish Open wiki page for more info.As for the specific tournament I am playing, I am going to make the ridiculous claim that I know for a fact I am +EV in the tournament. I feel my fundamental MTT game is strong and
  14. 5k starting stack 4x25s, 4x100s, 3x500s, 3x1000s15 min blinds25-5050-100100-200200-400300-600400-800600-1200800-16001000-20001500-3000Should take 2.5hrs max. It's difficult to get any sort of decent structure in a home game with a max limit of 2hrs, but I think this is your best bet. It gives decent play early and late in the game. Don't fall into the trap of giving 200BBs to start and having loads of play early, and then it becoming a craps shoot when there's actual money to play for.
  15. If this is true, it's a terrible move on PokerStars' part. Apart from the US govt stuff, one of the reasons I rate FTP and Stars is because they are poker sites. All the other poker sites I play on are actually sports betting sites that offer casino games and poker games. Bad move imo if it is true (but tbh, I don't think it is).
  16. After Team PokerStars Pro and 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker opened to 140,000 from under the gun, Galen Hall three-bet to 220,000 from the cutoff seat. Action folded back over to Moneymaker. He four-bet to 525,000. Hall made the call to put that pot over one million going to the flop.The flop came down and Moneymaker checked over to his opponent. Hall checked behind and the turn brought the . Moneymaker checked again, passing the action to Hall after being the more aggressive player preflop. Hall fired 550,000 for a little less than half the pot and Moneymaker called.The rive
  17. yeah you can't say something as definitive as that.meh, it's not a great spot but I guess you just have to call here. Unless you think your opponent has a super tight range, I can't see how you fold. It's a fairly classic bad MTT spot imo
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