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  1. thanks for the votes all, voting ends in the next few days so keep um coming!
  2. PokerStars taking over the world If there was one company that had to be a complete monopolistic power in poker, I'd be glad it was PokerStars
  3. ya, fwiw though, Daily Mail is considered a pretty unreliable and generally sh*t newspaper
  4. So FCP, time for some old fashioned spam/plug/begging. I've been nominated in the 'Break Out Year' category for the Irish Poker Awards. It's a simple vote online system that's used so I'd appreciate support from FCP. The link for voting is http://www.theirishpokerawards.com/ . I'm Jamie Flynn btw, and the category is 'Break Out Year'. Thanks for any votes! (I haven't asked for permission, but I assume I am ok to post this. If not apologies and feel free to delete)
  5. I honestly wasn't exaggerating, I'm pretty sure it's the worst movie I've ever seen. I can't think of a movie that I've seen that comes close to being as bad as that (and generally, when you watch a really terrible movie, it's memorable enough, it's usually the 'meh' movies you forget about). That said, I haven't seen the movies Jon mentioned, so it's definitely possible that it's not the worst movie ever, just the worst movie I've seen!
  6. It's the worst film I've ever seen. It's so bad I actually recommend seeing it. Just to see how f***ing bad it is.
  7. OK, let me rephrase. If I was writing an article for a magazine aimed at the masses, and had to pick the top three movies of all time, I would pick Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, and The Godfather. So they would be what I'd the consider the 3 greatest movies of all time. My 3 favourite movies of all time would differ however.Basically, I think there's a difference between the question "what are you 3 favourite movies?" and "what do you think are the 3 greatest movies ever made?". The first question is asking your totally subjective opinion, whereas the second question is asking you to judge it a bit
  8. ya, some people certainly think it would be better to relax and get away from the gambling world for a while before going back to playing poker. I'm not sure what the best decision is, but I would opt to play the series. The reason being, the WSOP is the biggest series of the year, there's so many big tournaments and there's so much money around the place. Even if Brad isn't at his most profitable, the possibility of hitting it big at the WSOP is so much bigger than any other tournament series, I feel it's an oppurtunity too good to pass up.Basically, if Brad waited till after the series, he's
  9. 2 final tables in a few days for Ivey! Obviously really impressive stuff. Hellmuth really does know how to play the WSOP.
  10. Euro 2012 just got underway with tomorrow being day 4 of the tournament.Day 1 saw the hosts Poland versus the 2004 champions Greece. The match ended 1-1 with Poland possibly feeling like they let it slip away. The other match in group A saw Czech Republic lose 4-1 to Russia.Day 2 saw group B get underway with two 1-0 results. In the first game, Denmark shocked Holland by winning 1-0. The second game saw '08 runners-up Germany beat '04 runners-up Portugal by the same scoreline.Day 3 saw reigning World and European champions Spain face Italy in group C. The game finished 2-2 in what was an excel
  11. People who are saying 'get a job' are probably being ignorant imo. The guy maybe has a high school diploma and maybe some experience at minimum wage jobs. What's the best kind of job he can expect to get? Maybe 25k a year after tax? He's so deep in the hole, the only reason for this would be for 'show' - ie. to make it look like he is trying to back his debts, however, realistically, he's not actually going to be able to pay off his debts getting a normal job. The only sector in which he has any decent experience in is poker, so the best way to make good of this situation is to play poker.
  12. Don't try to learn to run before you can walk. If you're starting out in the game, you should not be worried about 'going pro'. Focus on getting better in your spare time. If you're good enough, you'll progress up through the levels and possibly start making enough money to live on or to supplement your current income. However, only a tiny percentage of players actually make enough money to live off.
  13. This is where I actually think it's wrong to think that. There are a lot of times where it can be right to 'fold and wait for a better spot' but I think here, if you think you're right to call (ie the pot odds vs villain's range) you have to call. This is not a spot where I'd 'fold to wait for a better spot'.
  14. yeah I think I'm just calling this off. You're still left with 45BBs if you call and lose. Flush draw seems to make up lots of his range. 8x, 22 and over-pairs are possible but don't really make too much sense.You'd assume he would 3bet QQ-AA. JJ-99 are possible I guess, but I'd just go with it here.
  15. I actually think checking the flop is optimal. If you bet the flop, folding to a check raise is too bad I think
  16. scratch off another one for the 'best player to never win a bracelet'
  17. yeah, I think with all the bad stuff in poker the last while, you can't rule anything out.
  18. He says in the video the backers are keeping all money till the end of the series.
  19. interesting video. I think he deserves credit for this video. chances are he just has a sickness. I'm undecided as to whether he's a 'nice guy' or not, but I'd say he probably is not an outright, lying scumbag, just an addict who's sickness gets the better of him.
  20. I don't really get it. This kind of promotion is the kind that a lot of people will like, but a lot of people won't like either.
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