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  1. what a monster. 9 WSOP bracelets...and doesnt even have one in hold'em yet. this Ivey/Hellmuth bracelet chase is going to be epic this summer. 60 events... at the rate these two are closing tournys its only a matter of time before they clash HU for one. so if Ivey and Hellmuth got heads up for NLHE bracelet... who IS the favorite? justasking
  2. WELL DONE. i hope that fat fraudulant piece of shit rots in jail for the rest of his life.
  3. gotta love antonio..... well deserved.... .and yes WEEEEEEEEEEE
  4. also at other tables with notable pairings........Daniel Negreanu, The Grinder, and Mike Sextonarguabley the 2nd toughest table..... Phil Galfond Tom Dwan, Eugene Katchalov, Bobby Baldwin, Dan Shak, Roland De Wolfe.the wiz kids table....Jonathan Duhamel, Sam Trickett, Brian Rast, Justin Smith, Jens Kyllonen, and Andrew Robl.theres Jason Mercier, Bertrand Grospellier, and Noah Schwartzand then its Bob Voulgaris and Tobias Reinkenmeier hoping to feast on billionaires,,, Guy Laliberte, Phil Ruffin, and Cary Katz
  5. Bluff Magazine released the table draws.. one table is notoriously stacked....dubbed Table of Death...Vivek RajkumarTom MarcheseAntonio EsfandiariNick SchulmanBen LambBrandon StevenPhil IveyErik Seidel
  6. he cold decked Andy 3-handed in PLO (Grinder had KKXX vs Bloch's QQXX on a K2Q2X board.)then got smashed in the face with the deck heads up. Klodnicki had no shot.
  7. and all of them in succession..sometimes playing 2 events at the same time!
  8. In the money.....3rd in chips with 24 remaining. this is getting ridiculous.
  9. Hellmuth/Ivey finished 4th and 5th respectively.Bakes Bakers and John Monnette are Heads-up
  10. um, he never said any such thing. he only said he was sitting out last year because of the FTP debacle.
  11. oh boy.... knocking on the door againIvey and Hellmuth 4th and 5th in chips respectively with 14 remaining....
  12. Ivey's a beast. I remember people laughed at me 6-7 years ago when i said he was going to be one of the best if not the best in the world.#whoslaughingnow?
  13. Ivey's 3rd final table in 5 days. #BEASTreminding me why i took him in Fantasy...Scotty Nguyen and Matusow still in the mix as well
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