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  1. I hope your right cuz I've never seen the 96 wsop
  2. I don't know my guide says 96 us poker championship not the wsop
  3. 1 with the these large amounts that we are talking about your itemized deductions are going to be limited. So filing as a pr might be more beneficial.2 no matter how you file the you won the money unless you lost all the money you are going to have to pay the taxes (if you open a business the money you put in as working capital was already taxed at some point and doesn't become a deduction until you lose it same here)3 Gambling winnings are not capital gains whether or not you are a pro they are ordinary income. Capital gains are on the sale of capital assets (real estate, stocks bonds etc)Don
  4. [The only helpful advice I can give you (not as a CPA, but as a gambler) is to bet $5M on one side of a football/baskedtball/baseball game and bet $5M on the the other. This way you will lose only the vig, 10%, and have a $5M loss to show the IRS. Of course, as a CPA I would never recommend skirting the law and I would just pay my taxes. How exactly does this help? You are gonna win one of these bets and that means winning another $5M so now you have $10M in winnings and jsut over $5M with the vig in losses
  5. Unfortunately the tax laws and how they are enforced are truly absurd at times. Sessions having a number of definitions is not how the irs will see it. If you are not running large sums of money through your accounts to win or lose a couple hundred dollars the irs will not audit you, not that you may technically be wrong in you reporting but the bottom line isn't worth it.
  6. If your serious. Tax evasion is fraud a felony were talking jail time is a possibility. See Al Capone
  7. Foxwoods $1-$2NL game now I was at the opposite end of the table during this hand but the board was A K Q J 10 no flush possible. Player A moves in Player B shakes his head laughs and calls. Player A and B turn over there cards. Player A looks at Player B's cards get's up and starts to walk away. Player B was too nice a guy and stopped him to tell him half was his.
  8. This was at some micro-limit nl game on stars (I believe .10-.25). Player in mp limps I limp with A 6 suited from the SB and BB checks. Now the flop come Q 6 rag and my donkey ass bets the pot not noticing that MP limper is really short stacked. BB calls MP limper moves in now I priced myself in to this hand so I call as does the BB. Turn brings a flush draw and its checked by me and BB. River completes the flush draw and with 3 overs and a potential flush I check thinking there is no way my 6's are good. Now with just shy of $4 in the main pot and no side pot BB moves in for $9 more, I fol
  9. Actually I was agreeing with you Alf if your read is one of your opponents has aces and its 2 players all in in a tournament why would you not fold.
  10. What if you read that your opponent has aces and your right.
  11. Gambling is gambling. Any gambling winnings can be written off with any gambling losses on schedule A of your tax return.Although you cannot deduct excess losses. You would need good records of any losses. I know foxwoods and mohegan sun will give you month by month breakdowns but god knows how they come up with those numbers. The law states that any and all income is taxable. Of course if you win a small amount and don't report it the government is not chasing after it. To withdraw large amounts even 3K or less $600 or less won't be directly reported, but if these amounts do add up
  12. they made chan look big when he was at the taj in rounders, but when you see the video of the 88 series seidel dwarfs him.
  13. not too defend espn's coverage ( because all you see for the most part are all-ins), but they picked the events in advance and were scrambling to get Johnny and Phil to the featured table.
  14. Good call imdb.com has her credited as raving bitch
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