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  1. Lets face it guys Daniel Negreanu has not even looked at this forum since 2007.
  2. Hello Newbie- As a new player it is great that you realize that poker is far more than just the strength of your hand. I have been playing poker professionally (my main source of income) for about 12 years now. I started at 1-2 (like you) and am now up to 2-5 our biggest legal cash game here in Michigan. Gus Hansen was a fine tournament player at one time, but he is the all time money loser in cash games. (fact check online if you do not believe). I think you should forget everything you read in Gus's books. You ask about reading players preflop in 3 bet situations. This is very
  3. I was off a few percentage points on my explanation, but I think the rationale is still there. I like your reasoning on this hand and I will definitely put it in my memory bank. Basically I think we both agree in Most situations you should just fold the hand preflop. This will be my last post and I see why not many people post anymore.
  4. Gadjet- Your right on the Set odds. I was just giving an approximate. As far as the 4 bet. I hate that play with 6 6. If your opponent just calls your raise, most likely the flop will miss you and probably have 2 over cards. Example if the flop comes Qh 8h 2d. What do you do next? Again i want to stress 90 % of the time I am folding to the 3 bet. But If I have a strong suspicion my opponent is weak or may fold, I am putting it all in. Here in Michigan we dont have a whole lot of 3 and 4 bets in cash games, only in tournaments.
  5. Simple answer NO. Your 6 6 hand's main value is flopping a set. You will do this approximately 1 out of 11 times. The rule of thumb that I read is that you need the raise to be 10X or more the smaller stack between you and your opponent for it to be mathematically sound. This is when you hold small pocket pairs say 88 - 22. In this case the raise is 80 and your opponent has 600 left so the payoff would not be enough. If you and your opponent had stacks over 1000 this would be a better play. I have used this rule as a guide and have done pretty well with it. I know nothing about th
  6. There is a 3rd Kevin Costner baseball movie where he plays an aging Detroit Tigers pitcher. Pretty decent movie but I can not think of the title. OK just looked it up For Love of the Game. Worth seeing.
  7. I guess we disagree. I feel you can push people around in a cash game. In this particular hand you could not because you were against AA and KK. I really enjoyed your post. Dont sweat the criticism. We are all here to learn and 99% of us are not pros, I am far from it. I would rather see you make this move with 9 8 of Hearts than K 10. When I first started playing 10 years ago I though K 10 was a good hand. Now I feel its one of the worst because you are so easily dominated by almost any other K and unless you hit 2 pair or straight on flop you will have no idea where you are. I
  8. Really not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. I understand you are one of the bigger stacks at the table and you are probably trying to use your stack to push people around. Reraising with K 10 Hearts preflop, definitely not the hand to do it with. So many hands have you crushed AK KQ even KJ. Then you can get away from your hand when you are once again reraised. The flop is about as good as you can expect, but you still have to worry about someone having AX of hearts. Now you want to call an all in bet with a draw? The result of the hand does not matter. If you call all
  9. OK the argument between TJ and Antonius is invalid. Of course every pro would vote for Antonius in a heads up battle right now. Because Patrick is in his prime and TJ is a senior citizen. How about we turn the tables and have TJ in his prime say 30 years ago and Patrick as a 4 year old then who you betting on? The simple truth is that TJ has accomplished more in his career than Patrick. One is in the Hall of fame and one is not. That is not to say that Patrick may pass him one day. It is always difficult comparing people from different eras, especially poker players. As for what TJ
  10. Doyle Amarillo TJ Daniel Negreanu Phil Ivey Dan Harrington Stu Ungar Sam Trickett Johnny Chan Me
  11. I would really like to hear some of the other forum members opinions on this hand. After reading it again I think you must check call the turn. Your read was impressive but he still could be ahead on the turn. (hands like 99, 10 10, A8, 77 or even A X of clubs, K X of clubs which would have you crushed if the final club shows up. I know you think he would of reraised the flop with many of these hands, but I think the majoity of players just smooth call and see what transpires. The turn was your chance to exercise pot control. Which with your 3rd pair super low club draw hand needed.
  12. You put all your money in on bottom pair and a draw. He was open ended right, he needed a 9 or 4 for a straight. He obviously did not know you had clubs. So in his eyes he probably thought he had 11 outs. You had a good read but I do not like your play. Pro players will tell you sometimes you must fold the best hand and wait for a better spot. This guy is obviously a bad player if you fold the turn here and wait for a better spot you probably bust him later. Why risk such a large portion of your chips on a marginal situation like this?
  13. Too many people on draws in the hand on the flop. So I still think the smart play is to check raise the flop. That way you get most of the draws out and maybe someone with 2 pair, top top, nut flush or pair with a draw calls you. Dead money adds up in a good session. If players are steaming or tilting it has been my experience they will often call your check raise with a lot of sub par hands. I see your reasoning as being more acceptable if it was heads up.
  14. Good advice from both of you. Thanks! Also I will be more specific in the future.
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