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  1. Oops....my bad I read it as poetry instead of pottery...guess the joke's on me, but hey...at least I already have nickname on this forum, right? (new guy - LOL)
  2. Well, our Danny knew that the only way to win this hand is to bluff...and the check by Moga after the turn made Danny understand also Moga is hesitant now with his hand...but Danny also knows that had Moga bet the turn (which he should have), then our Danny would have folded the hand. But, that is why we love Daniel, he's just a terrific player and a great person...aren't you Danny?
  3. Hey everyone, Wanted to share an interesting hand from the WSOP 2015 Main Event between Negreanu and Moga. Hope you enjoy it and I suggest you watch until the end for Phil Laak's analysis of the hand, then we can start our own discussion here as well, could be great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqdJgVOjy6I
  4. Saw these news, great news! Maybe after Jersey, more states will start approving poker as well, let's hope so.
  5. Hey, I believe you've watched the video by now, but in case you haven't yet I don't recall what you've described, yet it a very funny and entertaining compilation, Enjoy!
  6. I love Daniel not just for being a great and terrific poker player, but because he is so cool with everyone, talks and laughs with anyone pro or amateur and simply a great fella. So, I wanted to share with you a video of some of his great impressions over the years, without a doubt vintage Negreanu and just a hilarious and entertaining video to watch, keep it up Daniel, the crowd demands more impressions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyyR2Ln0Y4Y Enjoy!
  7. Great hand and great read, without a doubt Daniel is one of the best poker players around....but to me, I just love this guy! He's so hilarious around the table, talks to everyone, laughs, it's just like playing with your buddy, and that's why we love Daniel so much, he's a great guy! Daniel, loved the speech you gave him..."they teach us not to fall for these traps" Great read and even greater speech
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