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  1. Soooooooo who do i cheer for in this game? Who is the lesser of all that is unholy.I could cheer for the steelers, the team that has been the biggest rival to my Ravens for a while. They are representing the AFC north. They play football in the same mold that the ravens play (Run +Defense). On the other hand they have the Drama Queen Ben R behind center. Joey Porter who somehow wants to believe he is an elite linebacker. But as much as I hate Hines Ward, its only because he plays for the steelers and I would kill to have him on my team. Troy P is very talented but I hated Steeler fans last yea
  2. Just to make sure I win the prize (wait theres no prize, then suffer with me)Im a barbie girl, in a barbie worldLife in plastic, it's fantastic.You can brush my hair, undress meeverywhere.Imagination, life is your creation.Come on Barbie, let's go party!I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie worldLife in plastic, it's fantastic.You can brush my hair, undress meeverywhere.Imagination, life is your creation.
  3. There she goes and knows I'm dying When she says, "Who is Johnny?" Games with names that girl is playing All she says is "Who is Johnny?" I try to understand because I'm people too And playing games is part of human nature My heart's in overdrive It's great to be alive Chorus: "Who's Johnny?" she said And smiled in her special way "Johnny" she said "You know I love you" "Who's Johnny?" she said And tried to look the other way Her eyes gave her away She makes sure I see her teasing Hear her say "Who is Johnny?" There's no way to take this easy Hear her say "Who is Johnny?" I really couldn't hel
  4. DUKIE V say Visit www.truthaboutduke.com for more entertaining pictures and stories
  5. Lets kick this thread back alive, MD coming off of a tough road loss to Miami, always plays Duke well and is the only team to consistently hang with them in what might be the ugliest new rivalry in college sports
  6. Round 2 of the Playoffs, only on CBS
  7. The better play here is to keep an eye on the chipstacks, if you can realize that the blinds may go all in, you want to be half of thier stack, basically you can get them to reraise all in and you have KK, after they are all in you get Mr X to call his all-in, then you jam the pot because the betting is still open. Mr X has to fold, sure you get no sidepot, but you are playing heads up for a pot worth triple the short stacks stack. If Mr X calls you, you have KK and are sitting in solid shape.So instead of popping it to 3200, pop it to 2k, still a nice raise, and also easier to walk away from
  8. Since DNA is probably asleep, I will come out of the bullpen with the save
  9. Isnt asses a proper term for either sex?Damn if only I knew someone who could post a dancing lock now that the original post is gone
  10. No he said the part of the promotion based on post counts was a one time thing, he never said the Protege was a one time thing, I imagine more seats for the next one going to FCPPoints earned freerolls
  11. Nothing says "I bang hot broads" like an element chart on your wall.what about a David Hasselhoff poster?That's just gay, although my lifesize cutout of him in his speedo is sweet...
  12. Why are you only worried about AA or QQ, not AK or KK?But for your question, I am giving you AhQh (just to make it easier)Basically the best way to look at it is there are 3 ways to make a pair of acesAcAsAcAdAsAd3 ways to make a pair of queensQcQsQcQdQsQdSo you are looking at 6 hands that YOU are worried about (personally I throw in alot more hands, but that wasnt your question)Now by my look I would say its about 1/18 or so that they have one of these 2 hands but my math is probably off and like i said, i would probably be worried about alot more.Its late, but i hope it helps
  13. Just got my new area for my new job.I will be going to NC, SC, GA, and TN alot.Any poker in these states?I know I can PM a guy about TN, but wanted to see about the other states
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