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  1. the only time i dont order that is A.) it is past midnight and it takes forever/is super shitty quality. or b.) when i have to compensate for my girlfriend saying she is not hungry, but then wanting to eat half my meal, which i then decide to order 3 jbc and 3 5piece chicken nuggets
  2. you want those titties? i know most people wouldnt mind.
  3. brag: got third in the 20+2 omaha hi low 6 max tourny on stars that started at 915pm centralbeat: only had 24 runnersbrag: WON the 4.44 omaha hi low 4 max tourny on stars that started at 930pm central.beat: was going to go out drinking but didnt get done till 100am central (bar close is at like 130 most places here)variance: am stoned, and loving it.first time playing tournys in over a week, i know its low stakes, but man it feels good to win.
  4. man, i have some crazy stories from the ages of 19-23, but none of them ever ended like that. well done sir.
  5. gogogogogogo Isaia Getting Short of Chips and TimeAlessio Isaia is running out of chips. He tried to run a stone bluff on Mike Hefer, reraising Hefer on third street with an {A-Clubs} after Hefer completed with a {K-Diamonds} and then betting every street until the river. Hefer stuck with him the whole way after making four to a flush on fourth street and finishing with a pair of queens. That was enough to win the pot.Isaia is down to just 34,000 chips, while Hefer is at a more comfortable 136,000pokernews has him at second in chips currently.
  6. i live in north liberty, a town between cedar rapids and iowa city, and i work in iowa city. getting to work has been pretty rough having to take all these backass routes because roads are closed, and where i work the streets directly to the west of us are closed, we sandbagged the shit out of place. been a very crazy hectic week
  7. please dont try and make another thanksgiving brand jones soda. i work at a grocery store (assistant manager of a store that does an average of 1.21 million a week in sales BTW) and the thanksgiving brand jones sodas SUCK MONKEY ASS and i prefer to have them gone. thank you.
  8. i go like at least once a weeknot very good game selection, at least when i am there.they are usually running 2/5 NL (100min-300max buy in)3/6 Limit (30 min buy in i think? ive never played it)2/5 PLHA (300 min buy in, game is usually pretty stacked, ive seen guys with 10k playing it)they run an omaha hi lo limit tourny monday mornings at 11, which is my favorite, though the blinds get pretty shitty towards the end.they also have a couple other tournys running throughout the week, though i think the max is like a 50 buy in and they cap them at 120 players.the play at the 2/5 NL game is soooooo
  9. mcfarmer. though apperantly nobody likes my posts on the haus, the last two topics ive started, have gotten no responses. def. not very memorable imo.
  10. [X] Contemplating drunk dialing.[X] You say "uh." a lot. [X] hopefully someone will drunk dial.[X] Am from Big Ten School/area.
  11. please try and not have a 21st birthday like this guy:http://www.press-citizen.com/apps/pbcs.dll...00315/1079/NEWS
  12. just saw this gem to add to the mix:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...117755&st=0Full Tilt Poker Game #5233731076: Double Stack $5 + $0.50 (39684128), Table 3 - 20/40 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 22:58:33 ET - 2008/02/12Seat 1: bbgun5310 (2,423)Seat 2: Gambino23 (1,843)Seat 3: Jay Mustang (3,232)Seat 4: brikdog24 (2,670)Seat 5: CroOkeDLiNk (2,558)Seat 6: disney11 (2,730)Seat 8: anachronism1 (14,244)Seat 9: gopherpa (3,315)13 mins into tourny hes already lost half his stack.
  13. mcfarmer

    Please No.....

    havent read the whole thread, but live in iowa, and csi kept getting interrupted with updates, and one of them said that Mitt Romney spent 20 times more money in iowa than huckabee spent. just putting that out there for you.
  14. way too much time on your hands obv.
  15. LOVE THE NEW TITLEi should probably go to bed as wellit is 150am here and i have to be AT work at 6am.YAYAY 4 hours awaytime to sleep for threebtw- hearts to rab and onlyme!pokerhaus FTW!alsowtf, somehow the bball game turned into miss congeniality, and its been playing for like an hour and i havent changed it.does this make me gay?
  16. well not everyone, i wasnt pwned.(feeling left out BTW ) (haha i dont really care that much)and i just thought if onlyme was going to post the other two cat pictures with you in them this one might as well be posted as well. its a good transition.you with a real cat-> you with a choc. cat-> you with a choc. cat with its head off.
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