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  1. Still around, I only get to check the site out 1or 2x a week.
  2. I am up for a tourney, as far as mixed games i can play stud and Lhe as well as nlhe. I can't play Saturday due=ring the day but am available in the evenings
  3. Gold here I come, to bad for the holidays I would get platinum.
  4. This guy is a door knob. He comes out with a new Micon system every eight months. He offers nothing but standard information that you can get out of any book.As far as bankroll management goes he shouldn't even go there. He lost his entire bankroll his wife because of this he was begging on NWP for stakes into the main event. He had to sell NWP to Tony G to make ends meet.Maxima
  5. I am not sure if you or anyone from the coalition has read the 5 billion threads on the subject of Neteller and the funds that are being held. You should!Neteller did not seize your funds, it is the DOJ.Sue the instead.Maxima
  6. I am working in Woodbridge I was stuck at Islington and hwy7 for 1 hour because people could make it up the hills.Lots of morons driving today.
  7. Man I would love to join in. It's to short of notice for me I already have plans that I can't get out of. I am in the next one with a little more notice.Maxima
  8. I agree 100% with Mercury on this its all about volume. I had JJ Annette call my all in with AQo for all her chips. Of course she sucked out.If you look at her hand histories that she post on PXF most of her wins come from suck outs. Below plays with a lot of skill and doesn't enter even half the tournaments Annette plays in.When she plays live at 10K a pop her style changes dramaticaly
  9. I always play that 109 so I am in.MaximaUntested on Stars
  10. That was a great time, very solid play all around.Most of you guys missed the 2/4 hand between checky and leung during our cash game. That was just sick, good intuition Fred.Fred your a great host.Maxima
  11. Doyle replied " I only put it on her back."
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