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  1. In my mind there are 4 moves in MMA history that are almost beyond description. Rampage powerbombing Arona, Aldo's double knee knockout, and Hazelett's whizzer-to-armbar are the first three. This one is number one and by a pretty huge margin.Welcome to the UFC, Showtime.
  2. These are pretty much the "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" of the reality show genre.
  3. This .gif summarizes my thoughts on the p4p best fighter debate after 112.
  4. Why not BJJ? Seems to fit all the criteria you listed. Sure, it's not a striking art, but it's as effective as any other martial art as it pertains to self defense (at least on 1 on 1 situations). It'll also fit the bill nicely for keeping in shape and maintaining the traditional and spiritual side of the arts. Also, and I have no idea how prolific schools are for this, but if there are any Sambo gyms around, that might be worth a shot.For what it's worth, as effective as Krav Maga may be in application, I have very serious doubts on the qualifications of most instructers. When it comes t
  5. I have a similar problem except when I see this:I really see this:
  6. This guy begs to differ.
  7. Not really, no. It's pretty much the same thing as the Anthony Johnson/Kevin Burns fight from a year and a half ago. Burns poked Johnson in the eye so badly he needed surgery to repair it, and the fight was stopped giving Burns the win. I'm sure the UFC will do the same thing here that they did with that fight...get them healed up and give them an immediate rematch.
  8. Adam Carolla, who is a pretty close friend to Leno, has referenced this more than once on his old radio show and his podcasts. Not so much that he hasn't cashed any of the checks, but that he has never touched a penny of it, and it's all just sitting in an account somewhere. According to Carolla, all of his houses, cars, employees, etc. are paid from his standup money.
  9. No way Diaz won 2/3 rounds either.
  10. Amir looked great, but I think it's somewhat misleading, as Baroni just stood there and took shots from him for 3 rounds. Amir picked him completely apart, though. Ditto on the lil Nog fight.
  11. I really wish they would have gone through with their original plans for the storyline. About 5 years ago or so, Kenneth Johnson, the creator of the original V, was talking about bringing the cast from the original show back and doing a 20 years later mini-series. I thought it was at least an original idea, but after I learned they just planned to essentially remake it, I decided to pass.
  12. Speaking of paying attention to names, am I the only one who finds it hilarious that the gay guy is named Ash Fulk? He's only 2 letters away from essentially being named "Gay Sex".
  13. To be honest, the show lost most of its integrity with Junie Browning. I agree, it's a shameless ratings grab, but that doesn't mean it won't make for good TV. I'm just wondering what kind of deal they worked out with Kimbo, as I can't see him going from 500k for his last fight to 5k or go home on TUF. I think all this has to do with Dana talking out of his ass when Kimbo was in EliteXC, trying to bury their top draw. Now he's following through on it to not make himself a liar, but regardless of what happens on TUF, I'm sure Kimbo will be on the UFC roster, and having prominent fights on c
  14. “Kimbo Slice” will be among the 16 heavyweight fighters to join the 10th season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” according to Yahoo Sports. The Spike TV reality series starts shooting this week in Las Vegas. It would be sooooo awesome if they brought Seth Petruzelli back and made them fight to get in the house.
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