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  1. End of Q1 2012 Update as of 3/29/2012 Running 16 games per week, 7 days per week, across 4 venues Have ran 1,362 tournaments to date Currently have 4 full time directors and 2 part time directors Have had 1,081 unique players play in my league Added Bad Beat Jackpot promotion Added Referral Program promotion Met 1st Quarter Revenue Goal Completed 1 charity tournament that raised $7,000 for a local humane society. Goal of hosting 2 more charity tournaments by year end. Guess that is about it for now.
  2. These are both correct answers
  3. I rocked the casbah this year.Won 7 last longer bets already with KY vs teams including against JadakiHave 2 KY vs Field bets still out there getting 4:1My biggest bet is in some trouble and that's the whole bracket. I have KY vs Kansas with KY winning it all. If that happens I'll win out of our 94 people which will be around a grand, but if Ohio State beats Kansas (which looks like that is most likely the case) I won't get shit ;/Why are there no pics from OKC?
  4. Dear Daniel,I will be in Vegas April 17th - 21st. Which day are we getting drunk and what is our drink of choice?
  5. SPAM!This is your first and only warning and you are lucky I'm feeling generous else I would have slapped a 1 day temp BAN HAMMER on your ass.Might I suggest you read up on this forum's TOS.Sincerely,FCP Moderators
  6. i tried to make this into something it wasn't and as usual, failed miserably
  7. I'm sure it's not the case, but for some reason I just picture you as Matt Dillon in Something About Mary trying to impress Cameron Diaz that you work with special needs kids:"My real passion is my hobby." "Really, what's that?""I work with retards.""We got this one kid, Mongo. He's got a forehead like a drive in movie theater, but he's a good shit.""Them goofy bastards are just about the best thing I got goin' in this crazy world."Either way, good work
  8. Day 4 final table restarts at 2:00 today with Fluffy in the mix with $648K190 started, down to 9$240K+ for 1stGL Justin
  9. and if by some miracle we do get Manning, you can sure as fuck expect I'm posting a picture of him every fucking time he scores a touchdown in this thread with big blue bold letters exclaiming TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!
  10. This is an offer direct from Preds site ... http://predators.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=...from=Top5FooterProblem is it's not $87 it's $87 x 3 cause would definitely take my son and my wife would probably go too
  11. this is a decent deal, right?Never been to a playoff game before and 4 for $87 seems like a fair price?
  12. Lot of my friends are in Vegas right now for a wedding.This guy, Emory, is one of mine and Dennys really good friends and I couldn't help but laugh when I saw his wife post this picture.Of course the only thing I thought of was getting flipped off by Pete Rose
  13. DMB is not coming within 4 hours of here, totally blows. Considering Cincy or Atlanta, but probably wont happen. :(Good for you on the Autism walk btw
  14. lmao, I bet the producers are loving the fact the judges brought him back.apparently "the gentle giant" likes himself a little violence and lying to the popo
  15. what up peoplecrazy busy latelygave some money to the nice casinos in Tunica this weekendaudition for a TV pilot tomorrow, first time I've had to learn pages and pages of dialogue for an audition and I just got the script today so that will be interesting.poker biz is good, 7 days a week nowvegas in april for worktalladega and Destin, FL trips in MayRoger Waters Wall Tour in Juneok, cya all in a few months or something :)oh yeah, sorry about peyton for you colts fans. my $ is on him coming a Cardinal
  16. You know they were a major influence on The Beatles
  17. actually paid to go see Star Wars 3D on the big screen and it was about as expected. Nothing too dramatic from a 3D perspective, but definitely an added sense of depth and perception that was pretty awesome; especially the pod racing scenes.
  18. I like his voice 85% of the time and then you catch that asian dialect which throws me off a bit. He's no Arnel Pineda, but he's entertaining
  19. only one i really disagreed with on the boys side was the 17 year old black kid that was the 'ladies man' or whatever. I liked his voice a lot.more of Tyler's ass please! wait, what?
  20. that man burning at the stake has scarred me for life I think. and the WTC jumpers, *shiver*
  21. the funny asian kid rocks and has made the show fun to watch, but far from the best singer even though he is really goodi like all the young'ins, that little black ladies man kid is pretty awesome. i like that colton guy whose sister just got voted off, and i like the Dave Mathews clone that has the same first and last name like phillip phillips or something.That cowboy dude is the only guy I really don't like his voice at all and that may be influenced by the fact I hate him periodSo much talent on this season, at least 20 - 30 people I have genuinely enjoyed listening to so far
  22. As if my girl's (nina) face wasn't fucked up enough she had to fuck it up even more so now she looks like a mentally challenged clown
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