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  1. So what's the best way to avoid you are not getting scammed on craigslist when selling your vehicle? Craigslist gives you their standard scam tips including avoiding money orders and cashiers checks as they can be faked enough to clear the bank, but still leave you holding the bag when they don't clear.Not sure how many people are gonna plop down $13K cash and obviously a check is out of the question.Not sure the best way to get payment?
  2. Has anyone watched "Flipped Off" on A&E? I think there have been 3 episodes so far and I've watched them all and love it.Basically Russell Hantz and his brother started a company flipping houses and it chronicles their disasters that always seem to somehow work out in the end.Pretty entertaining and would recommend it for any Survivor fans or for anyone that likes those other rehab shows like Flip This House.
  3. I should preface this post by saying I know pretty much nothing about guitars, but I saw my Dad posted this on Facebook. Maybe it's a good deal, maybe it's not? If anyone is interested just let me know
  4. wow, cooler city and saved by the runner runner chop town
  5. pretty sick this HU match is for about $650K $ differential
  6. Igor Kurganov 3,880,000 Daniel Negreanu 2,770,000
  7. lol, it will be down a few days this week
  8. what kinda odds you giving on the Charlotte Bobcats?
  9. McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, Wendys
  10. hence the "MOVE". Just can't play for real cash there if you live in the US
  11. i dont even want to watch this anymore. only thing that kept this interesting for me at this point was Troyzan making a run.
  12. you jumped off the stratosphere sky jump yet? I did that this past Saturday while in Vegas and holy awesometown!
  13. sorry about Daisy ScottHope the Simpsons were not affected by the tornadoes
  14. small ball works again i kid i kidi really enjoyed the event, watched quite a bit of it. would be amazing if we could bet on that in the US.Any results posted on $ in wagers and the break down by category or player? That will be pretty interesting to see.
  15. lol epic fail so far on the technical side
  16. It's called Nashville U missed mine by 2 points on both sides, that would have been another $500 ;/
  17. yay at winning a lot of moneyyay at KY national championsShot a movie for nearly 15 hours yesterday. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2281375/Hayden Panettiere is fricking unbelievably as gorgeous in person as you would expect. Have some pretty great photos, but can't share them until after the movie comes out. She's a very funny and charming girl too. Connie Britton is pretty hilarious too.Just shot a bunch of extra work so won't be credited I don't think and may not even make the movie, but was still a pretty cool experience. Green screens are fascinating and time and a half after 8 hours of
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