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  1. Hey guys..i'm ordering a custom asm chip set and building a custom felt raised rail table. But I need a poker room/card room name still. As of right now, i'm leaning towards 'the Huron'or 'Huron'. The reason for this is I just bought a new condo (my first home purchase) and its on Huron street. I would like something personalized though. I was thinking about going with something like the oasis (classy short casino name)My initials are CM. I don't really have any nick names to go from. So what are your thoughts on using Huron in the name? Too lame? Thanks
  2. HAHA.. just like the HTC Evo vs. Iphone videothis one is just as funny. Great post!
  3. Hey Daniel! First time on here so hopefully you can reach out and help a fellow Ontario Canada poker player! (im in london ont)You do great things for poker and your a solid stand up guy. No BS with you. But I would love your assistance... I am trying to name a poker room in my new condo but having a hard time. I thought how cool would it be to have you help me name my card room?! Its my very first home purchase and its on Huron St. so I was thinking of going with 'The Huron' , 'Huron' 'Huron Room' etc. Or I was going to go with a simple classy casino type name like 'the Bellagio' or 'the Aria
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