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  1. I don't think anyone is arguing the mathematics in play here. You see, the majority of posters are trying to figure out what you are actually saying. The fundamental problem is that you have not presented an "argument"... merely a series of "sentence fragments".Quoting Bizzle: Sirphatticus seems even worse off than Bizzle: I had thought that dead money made this point rather clearly: I believe the second sentence he is referring to is the following sentence fragment: This is the point in my post where I would normally turn around, and translate your idea into a clear argument of the point
  2. Sorry fellow contestants, but I have finally decided to join the fray. I waited as long as I could, because I knew once my artistic talent was known to the general FCP community, the contest would become a moot point.I call my masterpiece, "Happy Daniel"Cheers,MerbyBelow is a NY Times review of "Happy Daniel"___________________________________________This piece of work is the centrepiece of a masterful collection of artwork by a new impressionist artist on the scene. This talented prodigy, known only as "Merby", is an enigma to the art community. His medium of choice for this collection,
  3. Count the min raises... I count - not two - but THREE min raises. That's three times the bad play.If it were only two min raises... that's totally different. After all everyone knows that two bad plays cancel out to equal one GOOD play. - right?...anyone...?<silence>(sw)Cheers,MerbyOn a side note, I almost never chat online, so I am new to some of the abbreviations. What does (sw) stand for? I know in essence it means "just kidding". At least, that's what I have decided it means after observing its usage. Perhaps I made an incorrect conclusion based on the small statistical sampe
  4. ...it's personal now. You're out for BLOOD!GET HIM! (and his $1.47...)If you need someone to watch your back.... I'm your manlolMerby
  5. bigman is chasing again... He was going for the club flush runner-runner-runner
  6. VERY nice takedown... Good way to go to the final tableKeep it up!
  7. I always compare: (a) total flops seen to (B) the SUM of - number of showdowns won and - number of hands won without showdownLater on in a good tournement, my (B) hands can meet or exceed my (a) hands (because I'm controlling the table and picking up a lot of pots pre-flop)To me this gives a rough feel to comparing how many hands I like at the onset (i.e. I see a flop) to how many hands I actually take down. CheersMerby
  8. I had a level 2 satellite ticket to the NLHE event which I wasn't able to use and they just gave me my money back.
  9. Actually I rather like home games. I like the social atmosphere-- hanging around a friend's house playing some cards and watching the game (hockey or football, depending on the time of year). The fact that the majority of players at my ex-regular home game were worse poker players was (for me anyway) an added bonus. The host, on the other hand, was a skilled opponent. He was (easily) better than me in limit hold'em (NOT my best game) and pot limit omaha but I felt I had the edge in NLHE and limit omaha H/L. It was fun talking poker and strategy with him, -- and playing against him definit
  10. I was just going to ask that. My bet is 8th... immediatly after leb
  11. Did you see that dry side pot bet that maxjohn made? Awful!
  12. Nice pot...You're building a stack now...
  13. Thanks! That means a lot - especially since Crosby is getting a lot more ice time than me. Then again, that could just be because he is a Penguin player whereas I am only a Canucks fan. (Although, I personally think Crawford is just giving me the "shift shaft"). :wink:
  14. Here's my analysis:-Sixty hours a week (sustainable if you are really dedicated to the notion of being a Professional poker player)- 50 weeks a year (As a hard-working self-employed poker player, you allow yourself only two weeks of vacation a year)- two tables per session (you know you're good enough to handle the added pressure of playing multiple tables)- $0.00824 / table hour=======================EQUALS: Annual income of $49.44- you can go buy yourself a nice coffee grinder (http://www.celebrityappliance.com/defogr.html)or a chevy suburban tail light ($49.44 before shipping an
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