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  1. If you read the blog, the guy says that Harrah's "has profits of $3-4B per quarter, and most of this is apparently WSOP related in nature." Uh, yeah right. I'd be mega-surprised if even 3% of Harrah's profits were WSOP-derived. This is just a person that hates rake, but I'm sure wouldn't mind if he held a home game then raked it.
  2. This one just came to me in that smoky period where you're technically awake, but just lying in bed waiting to physically get up. How about a pool where you have to guess the exact finishing order of the WSOP Main Event Final Table??? If you think about it, there are 81 possible combinations of finishes, so it will surely be a guessing game. I don't care if one of the respected forum veterans does this, but I think it would be a good idea. Anyone else think it could be a nice little pool???
  3. I like that list, but I really liked the Legends of Poker when Doyle won. In my opinion, the best WPT ever
  4. My thoughts: Just another main event final table. i.e. lucky guy gets really lucky and wins a bunch of pots by moving all in preflop. Welcome to poker! Here's the hypocritical thing about praying aloud to God to help you at a poker table: First, you're asking God to favor you over the other players at the table. Not gonna happen. Second, if you're such a Christian, you should be selfless. Therefore, he should be rooting for everyone else! Again, not gonna happen. Third, it just looks bad. Real bad. On another point, Hevad Kahn is just annoying. I get that he is trying to loo
  5. Was anyone else rooting for Jacob to lose just because of his ridiculous haircut? I know I was.
  6. How about one of the best WPT episodes ever (and my personal favorite)? Doyle winning the 2005 Legends of Poker. That whole episode was so good.
  7. The button didn't make a terrible call. He just wanted to gamble with almost half his chips in there.
  8. Where does this number come from? I hate the internet, and yes, I do realize the irony of posting internet hate on the internet.
  9. Ralph Perry handled that well because he plays in the big game consistently and he knows that Tony G is some insignificant hard-on that does not have 1/100th the poker skill of real players like Ralph, DN, Ivey, etc...
  10. PLAY! everyone says you shouldn't play because if you can't afford a $215 tournament entry, you shouldn't play satellites. That is a retarded line of thinking. Satellites are made so that people can get in cheaply. Everyone says you shouldn't play because it'd be like losing 215 bucks. WRONG!Play because you got in for 8 bucks, not because you could use 215. If you sold every satellite seat you won, you'd never make any money. The moral of the story is, Balloon Guy is right, play ABC, and if you cash for the minimum, you're gonna feel great. If you go deep, you're gonna feel invincible
  11. ben, where are you at? im at harlem and devon. anyways, yeah, traffic sucks for us ever since the dan ryan construction, and honestly, im a little scared to go to indiana for fear of getting sniped, and i dont mean watching the acting stylings of Blade.
  12. actually, the correct calculation would be 120*(4*4)=1920
  13. You can say all you want, but we weren't there. I'm sure we all remember the good ole' days when blogs were written, and when DN made a sick read, he always said that he could just look at a guy and feel if he was strong or weak. Think about how many hands the guy may have that DN can beat and that the guy would call the all-in with: AJ, AT, A9, A8, KT, KJ, Jx, 89, etc...Now think of all the hands that have DN beat that the guy would play in that way: JT, QJ, Qx. Any hand stronger than 2 pair would have played the hand a lot faster on that scary flop. So, I think DN made a great read here
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