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  1. Haha, isnt that cool Merby, we both have things in our sig, about the redpill.......oh and im railing, glHe's such a great character...soooo entertaining. With you railing, I had better not do anything too stupid :wink: Cheers,Merby
  2. Take it down for FCP!!!(My tournement is only a little $5 tournement... I'd much rather be in yours right now)Cheers,Merby
  3. Just took a big hit:My TT went up against a short stack KK...never mind...Just got it back on a bluffCheers,Merby
  4. I am currently playing in a MTT at FCP:18 players left out of 294.I have 3rd largest stackCheers,Merby
  5. That might be... I was not really involved in the last hand so I didn't pay attention to the flop. It must have been a coincidencethat my same card was out there.Creative way to spell coincidence.YAY!!! My first reply from a Negreanu avatar clone......You must respect the clones......otherwise, we attack!Cheers,Merby
  6. The case of the reappearing moneyGood news. For whatever reason, it was just slow in appearing on my poker account. I was having difficulty getting money to "appear" on the online version of the FCP poker room, so I downloaded the software, logged in and... surprise! there was $99 in my account!Cheers,Merby
  7. The case of the disappearing moneyOk, I deposited $200 Cdn onto the site via credit card. I also had difficulty transferring money (having not faxed my life history to support yet...)Nevertheless, I wanted to play, so I decided to transfer the maximum $99 into my poker account, just to give the site a try. The transfer apparently worked, because under the My Account tab it says I have $99 in my poker account......but when I try to play real money, it says I have no money in my account.Cheers...?Merby
  8. If you use Neteller, you'll be fine. The verification process is used for credit cards because it's so easy to steal an identity using a credit card. Ummm... Wouldn't having the following items make it very easy to steal some one's identity?1) Photocopy of credit card (front AND back)--> This gives a person your cc. number, expiry date, name, cvr number.2) A copy of some form of photo ID (front and back), such as a Driver'sLicense, passport, or national identity card; indicating your dateof birth. --> This gives a person access to needed "id" when they wish to use your cc.3) photocopy
  9. Here's the reason:You cannot raise yourself.Explanation:If you bet/raise and a player moves in for less a minimum raise, then their all-in is not considered a raise. Therefore, when the play gets back to you, since no one has raised your bet, you cannot raise, but can just call the extra money.Take an extreme senario:You bet $1000, there are two callers and the last player goes all-in for $1002 ($2 more). Then you cannot reopen the betting when it gets back to you (a $2 "raise " is not a real raise here). Obviously in this case it makes sense that there is no raise allowed.I know that thi
  10. Push.It's now or ... when?If you fold here, then you are looking for better than A2-s to play. Odds are NOT in your favour that you will see a better hand before you're next in the BB (3 hands from now).You could argue that since you have 11 times the BB, you can sit back and wait for a bigger hand, but keep in mind: 1) You are the short stack on the bubble - are you looking to win or get blinded out in 4th, and maybe third, if ou're lucky. 2) If the blinds do not go up, you have 8 revolutions of the button to find a hand -true. But we all know that the blinds go up much quicker than that
  11. The link to his blog is in my signature.Cheers,Merby
  12. No, pacific just flat out sucksI hear pacific has good surfing, though......just a thought.
  13. ...Do we have to know how to spell Daniel's name correctly... for the times when he doesn't?
  14. Are you kidding?!?I love Fluffdog's posts. The only posts I think are better are:1) Redpill's posts2) Farrell posts (let's have a moment of silence for the late *banned* Farrell)...But best of all, even though it's not a "post" per se, is redpill's blog. Best. Blog. Ever....If you haven't seen his blog, check out my signature.Cheers,Merby
  15. 1) Quickest (Riskiest) method:Sit down at $100-200 LHE. You will have to be very charismatic to just sit down at the game with only $300. (a) If you are an attractive female (or an attractive male, if the poker room manager is female), I suggest flirting with the poker room manager and telling him that your twin sister will be along soon with $3000 more, but you really don't want to wait that long to get in the game, so could he pleeeaze let you sit down with only $300 (to start) just this once. (B) Failing that, slip the manager a 'c' note, and sit in for your remaining $200.Now that yo
  16. It depends on your opponents and their reads of you: are you playing TAG, LAG, etc. (and are they good enough players to put a read on you).If they are tricky players: then it's hard to put them on a hand.If they are weak, they may be overvaluing a weak ace/ PP/ 2nd pair.But, giving them some credit for knowledge of the game, and assuming they give you credit for a decent hand, the bet signifies one of two things:1) They think it will take down the pot uncontested. Here they figure the first limper as having missed the pot since he checked the flop and feel that they only have to get past
  17. ...er... I mean a three for two deal...so shoot me, I can't count to three!
  18. Two words:BAD BEAT FORUM(I decided to give you the special two-for-one deal because -- like me -- you are new to the site).Cheers,Merby
  19. Alright, I will finally answer the thread.My current BR is $14,000 (due, in large part, to a lucky "score" back in September). Based on the way I have been running in the past couple of months (roughly $1,000 every two weeks), it is reasonable to expect it to be at $24,000 +.I would be the first to admit that I have been running 'hot' lately, so when I inevitably 'cool down' (whether by cards or play, or most likely, both), I expect to be able to maintain a $500 to $1,000 NET profit per month (before any withdrawls from BR for other expenses). Add on the fact that I expect to make a couple "
  20. Yes, that is something up with which none of us should have to put....Damn, I was too slow on the trigger. Well done, PA32R, you beat me to the punch.Cheers,Merby
  21. A perposition is not what you should end your sentence with....Oops
  22. Pokertracker knows EVERYTHING... ..even next week's winning lottery numbers.
  23. Wow... my above post was my first "flame" post... I can see how addicting that can be after a stressful day at work.Fluffdog87 - don't mind me. You're right to be upset with me (if you are...) My post was rude and lacked any substance. Add to that the fact that my post did not add anything to this thread.I must thank you, though. I had a rough stressful day, and it was unbelievably cathartic to mindlessly flame a complete stranger. Let the Merby flaming begin... (no seriously, you should try it, it's great!)Cheers,MerbyPS> NEVER take me seriously
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