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  1. Totally jinxing it, but 1st in FT of 8 game MTT. Atm sitting with 3x as many chips as 2nd.
  2. I may sound pretty dumb, but how exactly does rakeback work? The sites are all pretty vague about it. How do the rakeback sites and the poker rooms profit from giving back the rake? What is their incentive?and what is the commission being received from sign ups from the links in the forum signatures?
  3. I would be interested in this.Name on Stars is: RobertMelend
  4. According to DN's Twitter, his computer froze.That laptop is so -EV
  5. Has the language drop down menu been there before?
  6. I was in Vegas as well. Mostly played at Harrah's.
  7. Watching him play pool in such a cool manner like that really felt like I was watching Edward Norton in some movie adaptation of Daniel's life.
  8. The supposed fact that ESPN made it crappier than it already was cracks me up.
  9. lol, Shannon Elizabeth break up.I heard Annie's husband cheated on her. This hold any truth?
  10. Daniel NegreanuGenuine AdrenalUnreel in AgendaA Unreal NeedingNude Inner AlgaeRuined Anal GeneUnangered Alien
  11. Dealer: Bebop86, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to actBebop86: ggBebop CallsDealer: thegiant has a full house, Kings full of TensDealer: Bebop86 has a straight, Nine to KingDealer: Game #6340053124: thegiant wins pot (1381412) with a full house, Kings full of TensDealer: Bebop86 finished the tournament in 2nd placeDealer: thegiant wins the tournament - congratulations!GG
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