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  1. lol clearly its because of how bright and shiny the link button for rakerobber is...
  2. Thanks for the help, I think I'm gonna use your rakerobber site Kurt, looks the nicest...but If I'm just playing $5 and $10 sit n go's is rakeback really worth it?
  3. Thanks for the quick replies,Any insight into whether or not its a bad idea for me to open up a new account at FTP so I can use a rakeback bonus code?My old account was strictly play money, but I know its kind of a grey area with multiple accounts...
  4. Hey all, been reading this forum for a long time, finally decided it was time to get in on the action and start posting.So recently I decided I wanted to get back into playing poker, long story short I've never played online for real money before. A couple years back I signed up for Party and Full Tilt and used them both just for play money, nothing else.I want to use full tilt now exclusively since I like the way its set up and am comfortable with it. However, I also want to use some sort of rakeback program, as well, I would love to be able to get a license for tournament indicator. If I ha
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