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  1. Personally, I feel that the main event should be changed to the H.O.R.S.E event. The buy in is alot higher, so the only way you'd be able to get into it is if you're a professional, rich, or you've won a satellite. Also, it's not just Hold'em, H.O.R.S.E tests your skills in different games. Alright, alright. $50,000 is alittle high for the most of us, I know. However, we could lower the buyin to $10,000 if we had to. It would attract alot of bad players (like the main event does now) but it would test the players on games besides hold'em. Which would eliminate about 80% of the field rig
  2. Why do you hate those sites?Try Paradise Poker maybe?-HoldemPokerPlyr
  3. By the way here is a link:http://www.wptlawsuit.com/Most of those players fought with the PPA against the ban on online gambling and now they're busy suing the WPT? What? Did they gave up on the online poker ban because it's looking bad for us, so they're working on something else?It really, truly is horrible timing for them to be doing this. Atleast wait to do this after the online gambling nonsense is dealt with. -HoldemPokerPlyr
  4. My reasoning is that he said he did a minraise. He probably has a decent hand and I wouldn't be suprised if he hit the queen on the board. He could've had a pocket pair, which is also a possibility.-HoldemPokerPlyr
  5. If you push, you're going to get called, no doubt about that. Why? Because you said it yourself, he is new to the game. If he's got top pair he's defintely going to call your all in bet here. If your opponent had AQ, he'd be a favorite by about 62%. In this situation, I probably would just call to see what becomes of the turn. I usually don't like to put myself in gambling situations like this, unless I'm really sure I know what my opponent has.-HoldemPokerPlyr
  6. Call. If they have you beat, they have you beat. That's poker.-HoldemPokerPlyr
  7. Thank you for your suggestions.-HoldemPokerPlyr
  8. Thanks for that. That's why posting on forums are a waste sometimes, because of people's sarcastic comments. I wasn't complaining, I just came here to ask how other people play early in the tournament. I don't want everybody to rate my play, I'm just looking to find out different strategies players use early in a tournament.-HoldemPokerPlyr
  9. I don't think professionals will check it down, unless they feel that their opponent is trying to trap them.-HoldemPokerPlyr
  10. Well basically, I am having a little bad luck, but I think I could do more. I played with the family the other night in a 12 person tournament. We broke up into 2 tables of 6 and the other 2 players who actually knew what they were doing (besides me) were at my table. I was knocked out in 11th place in the tournament. 11th? The rest of the people barely knew how to play that well, they were just playing for fun. I remember winning two big pots, however, both of them were split. So that didn't help me at all. Nobody was being agressive at all really. The other 2 players great players a
  11. In a tournament, I'm usually fine once I have a decent amount of chips. I'm able to bluff, raise, play and win pots. However, it's getting there which is the trouble for me. I have a problem gaining chips at the beginning of the tournament. I tried to play conservatively, that didn't work. I then tried to play loose preflop and conservative on the flop, that didn't work. Does anybody have any good suggestions?-HoldemPokerPlyr
  12. "I guess if there wasn't any luck involved, I'd win everyone."Hahaha.-HoldemPokerPlyr
  13. Even though I really don't recommend this book that often, Super System has a good section on stud.-HoldemPokerPlyr
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