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I'm about to drink wine and eat french fries. Gourmet.edit: Yep...I liked my own post.

I'm back in the land of cold weather, wind, and snow. I left CA on a day it reached 90 degrees and arrived in Anchorage to 12 degree weather, caught a plane to Unalaska where it was 34 with 2 inches o

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there's no way gretzky didn't know.wiretaps of him trying to keep his wife out of harms way are damning.  the fact that assistant coaches who WEREN'T involved with it knew what was going on is damning.  gretzky's a lying POS now, peh?te rose, if you will.
of course he knew, but really, who the fuck cares. As long as his wife and Rick Tochett didn't bet on Hockey games that he was involved in, I really don't care what people do in their personal time. People are so ready to judge, but really who cares. If Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were playing these days, they'd also be considered POS' too from some of the things that they were involved in. People are people, so why on earth should we hold an athlete or person in the public eye to a different standard. The guy was trying to protect his wife. If you were him, would you throw your wife underneath the train, Fuck No
i'd throw ang under the train if she did something to ruin my image as the face of an entire sport. absolutely i would.
This conversation just passed ridiculous!
how?let's throw an analogy out there....barry bonds' wife is caught being involved in distribution of steroids. barry claims to have known about it but have never associated with it. that would be a bigger deal than this, and both are among the same level of "cheating". we don't know what all janet jones gretzky bet on, but if she happened to bet on hockey, wayne's fucked.
So you're comparing the distribution of steroids with betting on sports. I really hope I don't need to point out how ridiculous your "analogy" is. And my original comment about this conversation passing ridiculous was directed more toward your comment about this potentially "ruining the face of an entire sport." No one individual is bigger than the sport; a statement Gretzky himself has preached for years. Gretzky could turn out to be a homosexual, pedophile, chartered member of the KKK, and a gambler all rolled up into one, but it would still not reflect on the sport of hockey. There are good and bad people in all areas of society; why would sports or any other profession be different?I can't help but wonder how much money and how many man hours went into this investigation. While I see the importance of cracking down on something like this if the money is being used for other illegal activities, I fail to see the threat of a middle-aged rich woman wagering a few grand on the outcome of a few games.Oh, and to get back to your Mrs. Bonds and her steroids story; Barry would still be innocent until proven guilty.
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