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Official Alt-Right Neo Nazi Thread

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I watched one clip of Milo and he was only talking about his own experience with a priest, and while I found it disgusting, I wouldn't characterize it as promoting pedophilia. There must be more because I've seen people attributing to him a statement that it is beneficial for 13 year old boys to have sex with grown men and that was not in the clip I saw.


This all shouldn't be surprising because when you make your name throwing gas on the fire you're liable to go up in flames (not a gay joke).


It's too bad though because I enjoyed the crazy things he said and how mad it made people.

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yea because 200 jackasses are reflective of the entire country who voted for him...and the administration that he hasn't selected yet. Honestly this is a weak one that fails any standard of reason, it

Except for the blisteringly ignorant (that is to say more ignorant that the normal amount of ignorant - where they literally don't know anything about anything at all, and vote without any knowledge a

"all racists are Republican". Ah.. never been to Chicago, eh Bob?




And did Trump and co mention anything about the Myrtle Beach or not?


Bowling Green (Conway)

Atlanta (Spicer)

Sweden (Trump)


Turns out he was a day early on Sweden



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THAT is hilarious.


Is that true?


Too bad they don't understand the internet since a million people and sites have the stories they are deleting.


But I was thinking this would make a great story line for a book.


You know, a world where they try to erase the past and replace it with the narrative they want pushed.


I can think of about 1,984 other things they could do in the book.

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