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The Happy Birthday Thread

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hbkwmxii, DowntownDan, Goembi, dablues, AmScray, acesmojo, frautotenkinder (omg frau happy b'day!!)   Denzel Washington and Woodrow Wilson

RoseyG, alf13, SoCooLBob, xzanos, TDBuddah, I-fold08, gunnarsson, TheRealDeal_08, rcgs59, Sea.Bass.JR, rcqs59, Misti Blue.   rofl they have the same b'day?!   Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein

I don't know anything about Stefani, but this comment makes me think there is some kind of Winning behavior worth researching.

Yeah I have no idea either, tell us a story Frau.

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zimmer4141, blakheart, Napa_Don (omg Napa happy bday!), blackntan06, sixhands, The Diplomat, rivergirl, knightender, libra_lady, Coty


Eminem and Alan Jackson

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Well the folk scene is dead

But he's holding out in the village

He's been writing songs speaking out

Against wealth and privilege

He says, "I don't believe in money

But a man could make him a killin'"

'Cause some of that stuff don't sound

Much different than Dylan


I hear down there it's changed you see

They're not as backwards as they used to be


He's gone country, look at them boots

He's gone country, back to his roots

He's gone country, a new kind of suit

He's gone country, here he comes


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MDXS, Randy Reed, Pokeraug20, Amplifi3d, fornicator1, HarmanIsHot (weird), BlankFace, tell_all_the_truth, brianjones, Roll the Bones


Snoop Dogg and Tom Petty

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ezstreet, Smartluck, seastkc, Jabem


Trey Parker and Evander Holyfield


An old friend of mine works on South Park. Trey knows how to be rich, one day he was having lunch in Marina del Rey looking at the ocean. He points to a boat and says, "Hey that's awesome I want that."


Trey has his assistant jog down to the slip and speak with someone, who then called in the owner. No, the boat wasn't for sale, except in 45 minutes it was sold. Trey went out for lunch and came back with a yacht.

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dreamcaster, GoCryWolfe, hwalls, ATC-Jenn, carterlm, MrSputter, DucksBullets, Ladi77, ibjerome190, shane21, Osafune2, Sal Paradise, saralogy, The_Sea_Tornado


Kim Kardashian and Hernando Desoto

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