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Creation Evolution Debate

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Having shown that Vox's argument for the existence of gods is false, it is apparently still incumbent on me to make a positive case for the non-existence of gods, again.The theme of my presenation was titled "truth is stranger than fiction", for which I did what I could to divorce any personal feelings on the matter from the attempt to establish the pattern, and only afterwards finally admitting that I've noticed the pattern myself and found it persuasive. The hypothesis which I sought to prove being that for any new experience or phenomenon, when man attempts to explain the phenomenon using the tools for understanding at his disposal, the first attempt (and sometimes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc...) at explanation is almost invariably wrong. Test it if you like. Find a young child, turn the tables, and be the person to ask them how babies are made.
I think this person is doing Bayes Theorem wrong.
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