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  1. Uhhhhh, yes. Secularism, which doesn't even have an Abrahamic God to believe in.
  2. An even more striking correlation, men are 90% more likely to be autistic than women. So according to the reasoning in this thread my wife is correct: all men are retarded.
  3. Except I'm not at all. "Liberals" didn't get their shot. i'm pretty sure nearly every critical minded person would agree that Obama's first term has been slightly "right" of center. "liberals" want a heavy tax on people who take the most from society. They claim that if you're a million to billionaire you should be putting a shit ton of your money back into society. They claim that it is where your money came from, so you should be giving a higher percentage back. They constantly point to the pre-Bush taxation as an example. They claim that under Clinton taxation we exploded into surplu
  4. "Unlike you (who has like 120 posts) I (who have 7,800+ posts) don't feel the need to post every vague idea that goes through my head (I start posting, then don't post, then decide to post instead after I get called out by the guy who saw me posting in the first place).""There's a lot of stupid stuff up there, and I try not to pollute these boards with it (as much as I can help)... except to reply when it is innocuous stupid stuff and isn't related to my field or something me and my (possible future) kids have a vested interest in, or when it is a legitimate question/opposition". "*Picture*
  5. 1.) ROFL. You're saying it is a matter of pragmatism you don't move your pinky toward the shift key? Can you pit your typing skills against someone who tries to be as reasonable as you, and has similar typing skills, and purport you can out type that person based on "shift key neglect"? HAHAHAH2.) read for comprehension.3.) Read for comprehension.
  6. No, "honestly", I saw you typing something, then a few minutes later you were out of the thread, then 10 minutes or so later I saw you back in the thread after I caught you. just from an intellectually honest standpoint, you might want to have responded. now you look relatively stupid and cowardly to the four people that are adeptly following the conversation. :(Liberal education: exposed.
  7. Earth, New?lol, no. A new earth is offensive to me. There is only one, and it is exceptional in all the universe, because God made it for human beings. this should be obvious because Adam was the first human being, created as a human being, and Eve was the first ho pulled from his rib.Why would there be other places with thinking animals on it if God, according to the Bible, didn't spawn humans through intelligent design on our exceptional planet, and specifically this exceptional country?There wouldn't be, that's why.
  8. Ohhhhhh, nice sciency retort. *sigh*
  9. 1 Members: LongLiveYorkeYou were typing something, go on and finish it. and hurry up I haven't got all night
  10. No, honestly what is your question? Are you asking what capital letters are? Are you asking why educated people might be put off by someone not putting the amazing effort required to use capital letters? Are you asking why moving money around shouldn't make you rich? What are you asking, "honestly"?
  11. Hey "Strat", you want me banned, answer my last post first you dumbass. good luck in stifling my free speech doing so sport. Enjoy your Socialist country without anyone questioning you if you succeed.
  12. That's gorgeous LLY. However, how have you not added:"Despite the large significance of the measurement reported here [6 sigma significance] and the stability of the analysis, the potentially great impact of the result motivates the continuation of our studies in order to investigate possible still unknown systematic effects that could explain the observed anomaly. We deliberately do not attempt any theoretical or phenomenological interpretation of the results."Source... in the LLY thread? Jesus Christ, educate people when they ask you questions.
  13. 1.) If you would use capital letters maybe educated people would take you seriously more often. It's one slight left (or right for lefties) pinky movement away.2.) Thank you for defending those who make a profit off of others. They're called job creators for a reason.3.) Your bias is showing.a.) I never mentioned an a.b.) Why are you reading b.) when it's obvious I was making fun of a.)?
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