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2011 And 2012 Off Season Thread

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he works in professional basketball, so i'm inclined to believe him.

I like that you have such strong opinions about a sport that you just started watching during these last playoffs.I wonder who Brand goes to. It's always fun when guys go from being an albatross to t

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Nobody is beating the Lakers, barring injury. There is no team in the history of the NBA that could beat this team.


The Lakers are a hell of a team this year but if you remember the Malone+Payton experiment it doesn't always work out the way you think.


I agreed with an assessment from ESPN that said Lakers are probably most likely team to beat the Heat. However, OKC matches up better against LA than they do against the Heat. Bit of a paper, rocks, scissors thing going.


Dwight and Gasol is going to kill Bosh + <not very good big> but won't dominate Ibaka, Perkins, Collison the same way

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Dwight and Gasol is going to kill Bosh + <not very good big>


On offense, maybe (though Lebron can guard Gasol). What are they going to do on defense? Will we get to watch Gasol stand out by the three point line to guard Battier? It's a pretty fascinating matchup.

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