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Ted Forrest Wins $2 Million Weight Loss Prop Bet

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With his new weight loss he looks like a pedophile. Sorry Steve7, I know you're buds, just saying.
Yeah, he looks odd for sure. I haven't really been focusing on poker this year. So I haven't seen or talked to Ted all that much. However, after he lost the weight and won the bet, we talked the next day. I was genuinely concnerned about Ted's health. He assured me that he felt great and that his health was fine. Ted and I have made a few bets over the years. We pushed one, I lost one, and I won one. The won that I beat him was a weight bet. It was a bet on how much a friend of ours weighs. At 5am we called the guy and I took the over and won. Oddly enough, I won a weight bet. But it was based on how much a mutaul friend of ours weighed.I think that Diego and Adam hit the nail on the head. Ted has an ability to push himself in situations where very few people would ever go. He is a genius and a true talent.
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any one have any idea why I can't watch the video. When I click on the link this appears in the video box 200, stream not found,net connection.connect.failed,clip'[Clip]'mp4:video/s/scoopFORREST1AI am not able to watch any of the videos on cardplayer. I use firefox and I believe I should have all of my updates correct. any ideas?
Cardplayer videos suck.....i always have problems playing them
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