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Still Confused With This Hand. Could I Have Played Better?

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Alright was in a freeroll at PokerStars.Table - 9 Players540 players left. Pays out 300 players get entry.Blind 100/200 Ante 20I was two spots to the right of the button and everyone folded the action to me with pocket kings. I raised to 750. Play goes round to the big blind who calls quickly.Flop7d4c4hHe checks to me. I bet about 1,150, and he calls quickly.Turn10cHe bets a small bet of about 450 and in my mind is now pot commited, and I am putting him on a flush draw with maybe the 7? I go ahead reraise him all in and he calls.MeKKOpponent6s4sSo I lose to trips.My question is, should I have raised more preflop or was I just killed by a bad beat? Thanks.

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need to know stack sizes,.... but uhm if your m is near 20 in a FREEROLL, just shove pre. i mean stack size matters a lot

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