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  1. Alright was in a freeroll at PokerStars.Table - 9 Players540 players left. Pays out 300 players get entry.Blind 100/200 Ante 20I was two spots to the right of the button and everyone folded the action to me with pocket kings. I raised to 750. Play goes round to the big blind who calls quickly.Flop7d4c4hHe checks to me. I bet about 1,150, and he calls quickly.Turn10cHe bets a small bet of about 450 and in my mind is now pot commited, and I am putting him on a flush draw with maybe the 7? I go ahead reraise him all in and he calls.MeKKOpponent6s4sSo I lose to trips.My question is, should I h
  2. Ha ha thanks for the advice. Sorry for assuming you were trying to be sarcastic with your answer. I guess I'll email them about it. Also, how am I supposed to get my post count up if I don't post at all? Hell there is no way I am posting any thoughts on poker now ha ha I'd be torn apart. I didn't think it was "cute" just never saw that one before and thought maybe someone here would know more about it if it was a new release line of them or something like that. Thanks again.
  3. Needy? Thanks for that. Ebay, bruh, doesn't have it either lol Thats why I am asking here. I had a feeling I shouldn't post this question, thought the only people to respond would be sarcastic, non-helpful posters. Not to say you are like that all the time but these responses are not helping me at all.
  4. Not finding anywhere on the site where I can even see the hat. Can you link me please?
  5. I'm having trouble finding that white Poker Stars hat that Joe Cada was wearing at the NAPT event that was shown on ESPN 2 last night.Can anyone help me out?If not, where is the best place to purchase Poker Stars merchandise? I was on the site but from it I see I have to spend my VIP points and I would rather just buy it with money.Thanks.
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