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2010 Goals Thread

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Lol on the volume. I have a much better shot to hit a half million than I do to play half as many hands/hours as I did last year.
You could compensate me to supervise your grind schedule.And we could make fun of that fish, Ray S
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Well short term variance and a renewed direction in MTT play has really helped this month. I have actually reached 4-6 FT's of MTTs ranging from 50 players to 684 players. My cash play has been less than fantastic, but I'm still in a position that I have offset the LV losses previously reported on 10/1 and am staying afloat. This year has been excellent in my goal making/follow through. Even though I'm essentially break even for the year, that's because of fun vegas trips. To a degree I don't even mind this cycle of having nothing to show for it but funding 2 LV trips a year through my hobby. I may put myself on a self-ban for a while and just play the weekly neg-o's for fun or something, just to take a break from the game, and also to force myself to start working on our house. The the damage from our flood this summer has been cleared up, our basement still needs to be completely refinished. Just a periodic update. I'll let the masses know before if/when I go on hiatus for a while. That said even if I do that, I still plan on making the weekly neg-o my one weekly poker venture. I also have battled two colds in the last 3-4 weeks, so i need to start getting back into a physical workout routine. I have no worries about that though!!My continued big regret though is that I don't have rakeback on FTP. I should probably utilize my points better on both tilt and stars by reinvesting in tourney buys and what not, but I enjoy coming away with various swag from them :club: Currently sitting with my 3k+ FPPs and debating between the turbo next sunday or the neat looking spade hoodie or US jersey, both of which I think look VERY cool.
HUD for bumping
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I'm done with this year and sadly, I failed all three tasks. However, the goals were too ambitious to begin with, so things should be better next year. Final scores are:Poker- accrue 5k vpp on pokerstars. I managed to get 2.3k at a profit of 500$. Overall still in the hole, though. Got a long way to go, but feel confident about my game.Non-Poker- complete the first draft of my novel. It's sitting at 25k words at the moment. Didn't really count, didn't manage to get much going. This one is going to be tough next year as well.- go regularly to the gym and burn 100k calories with cardio. Quit the gym at 32.7k. Hopefully I can get settled somewhere and set up a new gym membership in 2011.

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