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Joe The Pro Episode Hitler

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Hi everyone. it's been awhile. I haven't posted my lastest video b/c i've been working with deuces cracked and wasn't sure if that was considered spamming. but for my lastest episode it's on youtube only since i've done something different and it used a clip from a german movie called der untergang. if you watch youtube there are a bunch of these out where they resub it to whatever they like in a humourous way (xbox live, wow, poker).

pre clip info: nio nio = account on ub that was banned for being able to see the opponents cards. cornell fiji is a moderator on 2+2 that was supposed to do a straight swap of cash to internet cash but instead gambled it all away live and didn't pay (30k).
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Kind of sick of these hitler videos but it was nice, and the pimping out his bitches part made it all worth while.
I for one, have never seen the Hitler movie or videos made with it. So for me it was all new and I LOLED pretty hard at this vid....Like usual, well played Joe :club:"If your winrate is less than 6BB/100 hands you need to leave the room NOW...." :ts
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