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  1. does one dare to dream of team feral cow since i'm out of the house more............maybe not, cause i'll probably still hear about the bad beatsj/k Q
  2. depending what area you're in, if you get roger's sportsnet you should get it -- it was on this afternoon on the sportsnet west channel --- but if you go to the stars site for it, you can select you're state to see which channels it's on and some (most) aren't showing it
  3. it's about timecongrats Q!!!guess the threat to cut something off if i didn't get mentioned in the thank you's worked
  4. just for that i now have to heckle you at every game
  5. lol, me too riverlike c'mon ben, ft something when i'm awake
  6. great gamecongrats & enjoy itthe harry potter comments were dumb but at least funny
  7. tossed off in the first 5 min, not surprising though
  8. c'mon gordon, prove you're not anyones bitch and step out side......what a let down qy can't stand seeing the finger's get sliced (or hand burns on hot pots or frying pans) and i cringed at the rolled ankle tonight - ouch
  9. trust me i've played through it about 3 times, the last time i kept playing a couple levels until i got expertRamsay was just too mild in the game though - i mean i let it go so he'd blow his top and no swearing - stupid kid friendly game
  10. you should go to Aunt Sarah's - way better than Harry's
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