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Because some audiences always turn in to watch shows like American Idol. Some shows audiences are more tech savy and would rather download it (either legally or illegally though with TV shows its sort of a difference ballgame) and the ratings system does not account for people that DVR/Tivo the show and watch it later. Jericho isn't the only show that has been affected by this, BSG and Enterprise are other good examples. Also the free episodes on CBS you don't have to pay for, you just had to suffer through the same periodic ads on the webcast.Your average housewife who wants to watch ER every week wouldn't know how to download a torrent to save her life.You should finish the series, they stopped it at a logical conclusion point where it can be the end of the series or be continued if they wanted.

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This is funny to me. These fans made such a huge deal after the first time it was canceled and then it gets back on and the numbers were horrid. Now they canceled it again, for good reason in a business sense since the ratings were crap, and these fans are trying to get it somewhere else? It's dead, let it go. Curious if the actors and such even care at this point? I would just want to move on instead of having to live in limbo every season. If it gets put on Sci-Fi, the ratings will be even lower than they were last year. It's all so odd to me. I loved the show but I can live without it.
because it is a good show and the ratings it got on CBS would be above average or better on Sci Fi?Really they should move more big network shows that have a loyal but small following and put them on SCI FI or UHD. everyone wins. it doesnt work perfectly because the shows would have to probably accept smaller budgets on more budget networks but the theory is sound.
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