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  1. Fucking trains. Left early at 2:30 today. 1.5 hours later I'm still on the train for my normal 22minute ride. Apparently a truck hit the overpass the train goes under. City needed to inspect to make sure it wouldn't fall on us.
  2. What do pigs have anything to do with it?
  3. Means there's no such thing as permission anymore.
  4. Uhm let's see. Same job. Different title. Different job level. More $$. Busy as hell.Lost 40 pounds and probably look stunning in a mankini.Father of a 14year old daughter who goes to the same high school I did and has some of the same teachers, yet I still have a full head of hair and none of it's grey yet.Oh ya almost forgot... not quite married anymore, but not completely unmarried either. Nah. I stormed the castle uninvited. Didn't take much effort given the security around here.
  5. I think putting up one of the nerds was a horrible decision. By doing this they lose 2 votes (HOH and the nominated person) and only have 5 against the remaining 5 non-nominated guests. Now with the one Athlete on the outs they only have 4 guaranteed votes. Would have been much easier to put up 2 populars or 2 outcasts and guarantee one from that clique go home. By putting Bradon up I can't see them keeping 'I Can't Help That I Have Big Boobs' vote. The rest only need to get Lydia's vote and they're golden. Annoying nerd goes home and only 2 of the Athletes compete for HOH. I'm surprised the
  6. seeing goodfights. I only started watching last December and my wife hated it. Now she's hooked after seeing a couple of good fights and watches all the PPVs with me. I've gone back and started downloading a lot of the old stuff too. Seen UFCs 1-25 so far plus whatever Unleashed has been on and TUFs 1, 9 and parts of 2 and 8. Would like to think I'm gaining knowledge on it. Some people don't understand how we can watch it and still think it's what it was back in the beginning.
  7. See I took more as Brock forgetting he wasn't in the WWE anymore. They were both talking shit before the fight. Most of the fighters do to promote it but have no problem being respectful after. Lesnar was just a complete ass. Not a Mir fan either though. My first PPV buy as well. I usually just torrent them overnight and watch first thing in the morning.
  8. Had no issue with the final result, but definitely not a 30-27.
  9. Superdick. I had no opinion of him until tonight. But that just really made me hate him.
  10. I would say this one is more about Jin than Sun. Yes they're happy and in love, but Jin has the moral dilema of the man he's become for Sun's father in order to be with Sun. Also, Jin seems to have more to do with the happenings on the island than Sun who is only looking to be reunited with Jin.
  11. Enjoyed both of Kris' songs. Thought he actually was best. Danny was decent. Adam was horrible. I was enjoying his first performance until the screeching. After that he was downhill for the rest of the night.
  12. I was thinking more the first China leg is where they would have had issues. With the foot race for the top 3.
  13. Check the PT site. I run PT2 w/ GT+ on a Vista machine. They have a fairly good explanation on how to get it running there. It was a year ago I got it set up so I can't remember what the issue is.
  14. I think I was fine with Tammy/Victor or Jaime/Kara winning. I just couldn't stand Luke/Margie mainly because of Luke. The sisters had it right. He was a bitch. Tammy and Victor had a huge advantage though, with the prior 2 legs being entirely in China. I don't think they would have made final 3 without that language advantage.As bitchy as they were, you have to admit Jaime/Kara had the worst luck we've seen in awhile with cabs.
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