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Doinsublime On Time

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*** HOLE CARDS ***xxxjohnson: folds 492276: folds serval81: raises 8000 to 12000jantijn: folds eldermike: folds JoshhhM: folds canajul: folds DoinSublime: raises 28206 to 40206 and is all-inserval81: calls 28206*** FLOP *** [4c 3s 3d]*** TURN *** [4c 3s 3d] [5h]*** RIVER *** [4c 3s 3d 5h] [Qs]*** SHOW DOWN ***DoinSublime: shows [Ah Ad] (two pair, Aces and Threes)serval81: shows [Jc Jh] (two pair, Jacks and Threes)DoinSublime collected 85612 from pot

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lol at thread. jcash is good shit.nice cold call with A7 oop for 1/5 of your stack sir, you fucking moronthx for the rail guys
I <3 that the hand after you go out someone open shoves 4 high. I think they did it to taunt you.gg and nice cash
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