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  1. [x] HU stud[x] 10 BB's on table[ ] more than that in starting roll[ ] bankroll management
  2. in before "results don't matter"!?gg bud, congrats!
  3. Kenneth Tran = Kenny Tran I assume...sick that you got him on your immediate left...gl man, make some noise!
  4. you should really be raise/folding this to disguise your super strong hands
  5. Nope, didn't miss that part...But you really think there's no metagame-factor in his decision to flip for all of it? Ya...no way.
  6. Not sure if I'm doing it right, but it doesn't really change your equity at all...let's say we have a 400k pot, running it once gives us0.33 x $400k = $132k equityThe chances for the possible events to occur by running it twice are:10.89% DN wins both44.89% EE wins both44.22% split0.4422 x $200k(if he wins once) = $88.44k+0,1089 x $400k(if he wins both times) = $43.56k= $132k equity(of course these numbers are only correct if the percentages stay the same for the 2nd run, which they usually won't...but even if they change the equity won't!)edit: actually ignore that statement in parntheses...t
  7. awesome job gib...so well deserved! yeah, I agree it's kinda douchy...I'd still like to hear his thoughts on the final hand, if he doesn't mind sharing!?
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