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  1. 1) Yeah2) I'd probably 3 bet KJo and either call or 3 bet KJs. If villain is 4 betting a lot, I'd either call or fold KJo and call KJs.3) I think it's better to just bet the turn, because you are going to be betting with all your floats here as well. Also, I don't think checking will induce that many bluffs on the river, because when people call the flop and check back the turn, they almost always have a hand that is looking to get to showdown. In villain's mind, if he's a thinking reg, if you represent 66-99 by checking the turn he should expect you to be checking with the intention of call
  2. Why am I in the SB, but I act after MP and before CO preflop?Anyways, I like to 3 bet this type of player preflop with KJo. We have blockers to most 4 betting range, though most players won't 4 bet as light from MP as they would in the CO or BTN, we pick up dead money when villain folds, and we win the pot more times postflop when we don't flop a hand.As played, I'd play it the same way postflop. I don't see villain having any worse hands here, besides QJs, or JTs, and he might not take this line with those hands.
  3. The problem with having a balanced 4 betting range, is that decent regs are going to notice your frequencies and start adjusting their 3 bet/5betting ranges, which means you will have to readjust to balance. Also, I wouldn't worry about balance in spots that don't come up that often, even against regs. Situations like 4 betting preflop, river crai, river overbets, etc, you can play an extremely exploitable style. Spots where you want to play a balanced style, or as close a s possible to one, are situations that come up often, such as making a cbet on a flop. Against a fish you should play
  4. Thanks.Also, while balance is important to think about, it usually isn't the most profitable way to play a hand, especially against a fish. Against them we want to play an exploitative style.
  5. If you have a balanced 4 betting range, then your ev is 0 no matter what villain does.We also need to make a few assumptions which for the purpose of this example is:1) We are the CO, villain is BTN.2) Villain is 3 betting 10% in this specific spot.3) Villain is shoving AK, QQ+ to a 4 bet, and folding everything else.4) Blinds fold5) We open the pot to 3bbs, villain 3 bets to 10bbs, we 4 bet to 22bbs. Since villain is 3 betting 10% of the time and shoving QQ+, AK over a 4 bet, villain is folding 3/4 of the time to a 4 bet.Our ev when villain folds is the size of the pot x the percent villain f
  6. Yeah, you're right. I got CO and SB mixed up. Still, we should raise flop larger because CO could potentially call, assuming we are planning to shove turn vs him.
  7. 3 bet preflop against a tight raising range unless you have a really strong read that one of the blinds is squeeze happy.If your plan is to shove the turn I'd raise the flop a bit larger so we don't have to overbet.
  8. If villain is turning his pair into a bluff on the river, he should never be betting KJ here. Either you fold Tx, 99, 88, 77, etc and the bluff with the pair of 2s is good, or you are calling with those hands on the river and a bet with KJ is good.
  9. I don't want villain to fold. I also have no reason to believe that if villain is 3 betting light that we will induce him to shove over a 4 bet. I've found in general, that most tagish villains when 3 betting an UTG raise from another tag player are either doing it with a hand they plan to felt, or with a hand they are folding to a 4 bet when 200bbs+ deep.
  10. The only reason to 4 bet small is to balance the times we are 4 bet bluffing. Since we are never 4 bet bluffing here and UTG+1 almost always has a hand he's willing to stack off with, then 4 betting smaller does nothing for us.$200 is too big though, I would have raised enough to put the button all in.
  11. How often is villain 3 betting really light here?How often are you 4 bet bluffing in this spot?
  12. For PC Holdem MangerFor Mac - Pokertracker 3 has a Mac version. If you want to use Holdem Manager, you need to run windows on your Mac, via Parallels or VMWare.Apparently, they are working on a Mac version for Holdem Manager.Personally, I prefer Holdem Manager, but both products are really good.
  13. When you go to McDonalds and the cashier asks if you want to supersize your meal, you will sadly have to say no, because of the way you played this hand.
  14. Because it's a board that misses CO a lot, and Hero can represent a lot by c/ring the flop.I doubt that it's much of a concern at 2nl though.
  15. Yes. Against players who open a wide range and call a lot of 3 bets hands like AJ or KQ can be 3 bet for value.
  16. Against someone who calls a lot of 3bets you don't want to be 3betting small pocket pairs.Hands that can make good top pairs are much better.
  17. I might have a 3bet% of 10% against villain A and the same 3bet% against villain B. Villain A calls a lot of 3bets and villain B folds a lot to 3bets. Is the range of hands I 3bet the same for each villain?
  18. With your stack, I would just shove preflop over the 3bet and the cold call. You are never going to be bluffing here and you won't induce someone to 5 bet light over the top ever. Also, villain's calling range for a shove is probably be the same as villain's calling range for a smallish 4 bet.
  19. Usually I just keep betting until I get all my money in the pot. I am more than happy to stack off here with AK on a K22 flop.If you had a read that villain was very aggressive postflop when checked to, then I like your line, but I would just crai on the turn.
  20. Call>>>3 betting preflopAs played shove the river. With your image, villain will look you up with worse Jx hands, TT-88 since villain has seen you bluff before and all the draws miss on the river.
  21. If you could answer these vague questions then more people would be winning players.
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