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  1. i heard brad's pants was a nice place to visit
  2. I heard Chicago is nice that time of year.
  3. what did one snowman say to the other?*sniff* *sniff*.....do you smell carrots?
  4. did ya have the bang bang shrimp?hooooooooooooooooly shit....so so good
  5. i didn't have a real vagina for thanksgivingwhatcha got for me nik? =)
  6. ohhhhhhhh....does the carpet match the drapes?
  7. wtf? the hooter chicks in chi town get nekkid when you tell them to? damn...jersey suckshowdy fookers
  8. wow....i just tallied how many people from here sent me some condolences in regards to my grandmother on facebook....and how many sent condolences to nik for her dog on facebook....just lolcheers motherfuckers!
  9. sorry for the loss of the pooch nik....
  10. wait....what's the legal age in canookville?
  11. you don't have to post 'em on here....just pm me
  12. sooooooooooooooooooo are there, or are there no bikini pics?
  13. SWEET!....what does it say?
  14. where is it?...is it near a boob?....is it near the va jay jay? stamp tramp? C'MON MAN!
  15. are there any bikini pics? or some with just socks?
  16. glad you were satisfied with the outcome.....now get the fug outta here!what did you think of the stadium?
  17. my first car was just like this:ahhhh...memories
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