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  1. Full Tilt is the best poker site around Itleast they can be trusted unlike party poker nothing but scammers they stole 1500 bucks from me last week its insane and all they do is send you an email they send no enidence or anything just shut your account down because they can so everyone Full tilt is the way to go or pokerstars !!
  2. Ok this is the last msg Im serious cause If I keep written shit this will NEVER stop so thanks everyone was my plessure lol
  3. LOL ask me if I care?? I dont know any of you & never will so say what you want makes u look like the stupid oness !!Yea Im ****ing cool sit here and talk shit to a 22yr old girl yeah you guys are probbaly full grown men and you get off on this shit lmao PRETTY SADDDD if u ask meee lol
  4. Nice talking to you all just got Call of Duty BLACKOPS probably wont come here for awhile sooo everyone just keep cutting me up ur making me famous...Take care eevryone !!
  5. Actually I just woke up to a page full of msg's again.
  6. Yea well maybe you should keep your comments to yourself none asked for you opinion & Ill say it again PARTY POKER are nothing but theifs & I believe they took all my money because they are racist & Im from Canada and they dont like Canadians on there sitee thats exzacally what it is. There more negative comments I see on here the more negative Im going to get.
  7. I dont care if people hatee me none even knows me ...So really Id be a idiot if I cared what you people think !! If you guys actually knew me in real lifeee Im 1000% sure youd think Im a very nice/kind person. I came on here to share my story with you guys about Partypoker & all I get is negative comments oviously I was a fool to signup for this site. I stick to facebook where everyone knows me & treats me with respect. Take care all
  8. It seems to me all you people know each other on here & are all friendss lol
  9. Cant play xbox in a iglooo haha !!
  10. LMFAO .... Im not in that part of Canada no Igloos around here haha
  11. No I didnt fool I said LEXURES as in someone lexureing you about something holly **** & you guys say Im dumb lol ur joking right ??
  12. I still think Partypoker is a scam though & they are all thiefs lol & Id be a whore If I posted bikini pics Id expect you guys to hate me If I did that lol !!
  13. I think this is the smartest comment Ive seen allday Thanks you made my day !!
  14. Heres a present for you all I stole it of some broads facebooook ahahaha !!
  15. But Im very flatterd you took the time to put my pics up on here lol
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