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  1. ok here's my team, lot of upside I think, took a lot of risks with pitchers cuz I think they're really deep this year. 12 team 5x5 with 5 OF, 1 1b/3b, 1 2b/ss, UTIL, 9 Ps.3 Albert Pujols, StL22 Nick Markakis, Bal27 Matt Holliday, Oak46 Brian McCann, Atl51 Nate McLouth, Pit70 Corey Hart, Mil75 Derrek Lee, ChC94 Raul Ibanez, Phi99 Daisuke Matsuzaka, Bos118 Matt Cain, SF123 Alex Gordon, KC142 Ricky Nolasco, Fla147 Derek Lowe, Atl166 Josh Johnson, Fla171 Kelly Johnson, Atl190 Brett Myers, Phi195 Ryan Theriot, ChC214 Shin-Soo Choo, Cle219 Mike Gonzalez, Atl238 Orlando Hudson, LAD243 Chris Perez, St
  2. I think the biggest weakness in your team is that you dont have a lot of upside. There aren't many players that have the ability to do better than their peak. Besides Alexei Ramirez, you pretty much know what you're gonna get from everyone. And while that's good in a sense, its a lot better to have guys that may flourish or flounder.
  3. I'll give you guys till tomorrow to pay otherwise ppl are getting called out
  4. Ok we're full, see you guys tomorrow
  5. received from flush, waffles and checky.Still looking for one more. If anyone knows anyone please PM me with their email sometime tonight or tomorrow aft, this needs to fill up by 8:30 or so
  6. Catcher is way deeper this year than others
  7. sent it. also need 1 more to fill up. anyone whos joined please ship to tb17 (mississauga) or shipitonetime on ftp asian guy city M
  8. TB17


    lol @ what fcp's become
  9. Those who sent me their emails please check and then join.And lol at trying to start a revolution then trying to get in. If you haven't realized by now, I'm pretty spiteful. So take your revolution and start your own league. Or you can try to get someone to do it because you're too lazy to do it yourself.EDIT: Flush I've sent an email with the invite.
  10. everyone has replied except for mbenz, I'll give him till wed if not then Flushy can have it
  11. lol, wow my 1 day rufus is an absolute monster hes sooooooooo cheap.
  12. Worry about shipping after theres 12 people in the league.Ive sent out 9 invites, I'll give people till Friday before i start inviting the alternates
  13. ken pretty much sucks in this game.aadams want to play sometime? Need to test out rufus.
  14. I want to try an auction league but I don't think i'll have the time to commish it.
  15. Hey Flushy you're after Kobe...so you're gonna need to sabotage someone else if you want in
  16. No worries.I've PMed all of you (I think). If I missed you and you're on this list, PM me with your email and I'll send the invite.
  17. There looks to be a little list, so tell me if you're in or out?
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