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  1. J10 in middle position I raise it up (nl game) flop comes 988 guy checks I bet he calls he was a loose passive player(turn comes a 2) he checks I think for a minute wondering what he could have and decided it might be a str8 draw also I decide to check behind and let him bluff on the river if he does, the river comes a blank 3 and he fires out 3/4 at the pot and I thought for a second and couldnt put him on a 9 obviously, and if he did have a 8 or a boat he had played a hand earlier very similar to this where he only be 1/4 of the pot on the river with the stone cold nuts looking for a raise o
  2. I only saw day one and part of day 2 ! where ar ethey?
  3. There is one remaining ace in the deck and one remaining 10 so the odds are just as good that he has a 10 as an ace.
  4. if you get two other callers for 1k on the river dont you think maybe one of them might just have an ace???? leaving no aces left in the deck then the guy raises 2k more wtf could he have if he has not got an ace why reraise all in hes not calling anyways if for some strange reason hes on a bluff. If you think your aces are good which there prolly not why not just call and try and get a overcall or two in the way.
  5. If it makes you feel any better, I crushed Railparade the other day on 4 all ins on the 5/10 NL on FT. Took about 6K off him in an hour.Very nice dude hes a pretty solid player though
  6. 4.5kish 10-20 shorthanded game just me and Railparade left on FT, I have AA he raises to 60 on the button I make it 200 to go he callsflop j102 two diamonds, I bet 450 he raises all in for another 2k about I think a bit then call he flips over 78 of diamonds for a draw, turn 10 river jack of diamonds OUCH! Biggest pot I have ever won 2.8k
  7. I hate this play, for the following reasons, why check raise on the turn if he is on a draw hes probably going to call the small raise, some players on draws might just push here (some people overplay there draws) then what do you do? If you are pretty sure hes on a draw why not just call? Check raising puts you to a difficult decision on a out of position river where you dont know where he is really at. If you think hes on a draw though why not give him a chance to bluff at it on the river????? he might even throw out a 10-20 dollar bet on the river and if you put him on a draw then you ar
  8. You put yourself in a terrible situation that you never should have got yourself into, You check raised a very marginal amount out of position, you put yourself in a tough spot when you should have just given up on the hand with no pair and no DRAW, You should never make plays like this out of position with no draw or no pair espicially for sucha small amount.You dont have any clue where hes at right, he could have qj, which means your drawing to a ace, or he could have any Ax the X being paired with the board, given he called a raise preflop maybe he has a hand like aj or even ak(not all play
  9. WEll put. Lowball make sure you read this.Ok, yah they fold to a pressure using the key sentence When they make it clear they have nothing. If he has something hes gonna call my whole point is your getting more money in on the turn with this weak raise making him more likely to call with any jack, your best bet is defiantly checking here and hoping he missed his draw, I completely agree that you can make a lot of money off bluffing fish, but thats only because its obvious when they have nothing. You should always check here if you can beat a missed draw, its just a bad bet with this many po
  10. You have to understand your opponents sir, people just dont make laydowns in general at that level, if you have played a lot with this specific player and you know he does then yes you can push on the river. But other than that you played the hand terribly.
  11. You are thinking on a level that doesnt apply to a .10/.25 game if you think like this in terms of making plays on pots it will not work, playing tricky will not work in this type of game, all your doing is commiting more of his money to the pot and making him want to think your bluffing, the more money he has in it the more likely he will call thats all the small check raise on the turn acomplishes.
  12. alright but I was defending you, for such a pointless flame. Maybe I shoulda checked all your other idiotic posts first.
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