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  1. Ghinion. Pacat! Cistigi data viitoare.Craciun fericit!Sever, Romania, holdem.ro
  2. Can you tell me the "official" rules about live straddles?Is it permitted only one straddle? (the next after big blind) In my country we can do more straddles...Example:SB 1$BB 2$optional straddle 4$optional straddle 8$optional straddle 16$optional straddle 32$cheers
  3. Elimination Blackjack But I wonder how the secret bet actually works at live tables
  4. 10-15 minute breaks after 2 hoursprobably 70% will make addon and 15-20% rebuythere are only 2 tables same timeso each one will have 10 or 11 people. that means from 20 or 22 people only 10 will qualify for 2nd daythen another 2 tables and again 10 more people
  5. we need to play it in 2 days... from 10 am till 21:00so first day qualifications and next day semifinal and final tabledouble shootout it is really cool but i think it will just scare the people----------What I need to know is if double chips at addon can really ruin something?And whats the level of blinds we should start with in the semifinals and final.Also if we should start from 5-10 or 10-20.
  6. any sites that still have satellites forApril 11th: WSOP Circuit Ceasers PalaceApril 18th: WPT Championship Bellagio?
  7. Buy-in: 100$1 rebuy maximum (first 2 or 3 hours): 100$1 addon: 100$ that will get you double starting chipsMaximum 44 entrants.We cannot balance tables as we will play only at two tables maximum at once.In Romania, casinos cannot have more 2 texas hold'em tables. For another hold'em table they need 10 more casino games tables!!Thats unique and shocking I know. Daniel you should come back in Romania and change things. So, we must play somehow like a rounders tournament.Tables with 10 or 11 people... 5 players go into semifinals from each of the 4 tables. Semifinal is with 10 or 11 players each
  8. Bravo Daniele!!!11Grats!!111Hope 2006 is yours again.Go eat some vinete severholdem.ro :twisted:
  9. Excellent tournament Daniel!Many romanians are following the updates...Good luck at the final table... and don't do something stupid :)I hope every month from 2006 will be the same for you.L. Sever,admin holdem.ro :twisted:
  10. he has a life too, poker isn't the most important thing ALL THE TIMEhe's not a robot, try to understand him
  11. latinosanky, what post is that?-------------------------------anyways, serious nowHow can Stacked be purchased from Romania?The best game distributor here is : http://www.gameshop.ro but the game is not in their list... I emailed them but I don't knowPlease do something and bring the game here too. Not a big market but I will advertise it on my poker site and also I'm making an online league with SONY PSP+Stacked as first prize.I hope Daniel N. will have 15 minutes these weeks... he knows what I'm talking about :wink:
  12. so funny @ beginning about romanian foodpoor Daniel, good thing he didn't eat all that... he would have been bigger than Thomas Keller :twisted:
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