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  1. What exactly makes these games illegal? It is my understanding that unless there is a rake, the game is legal. Is this correct?
  2. I guess the thinking is that early in the tourney, the hole card cams are only for the 2 or 3 featured tables. That is a tough one.
  3. KK beat 5 times in a row!!3 times by AK, once by 55 (four flush), and once by AJ. 3 times at money buble and 2 times in the same tourney. I've run bad before but this is getting a bit frustrating.
  4. Doyle is the man. I think he can hang with anyone in NLH and probably most other games with the exceptions he states like PLO. If what he says is true he has proven it on the HSP episodes that he has played on and been a winner. I hope he is around for years to come.
  5. I pray the Lord will bless your mother with a quick healing. I also pray that He will comfort you and your family.God Bless
  6. From stories about gambling that I have heard about and read, it seems to be all about the action. I also think that pride is a factor as I have heard so many players including DN say that the true test for them is to be able to tournament success as well as play in the biggest cash games. If DN is at the point where he is very comfortable (which obviously he is) and has all the other interest more power to him. When I thought of asking the question is wasn't meant as an indictment at all, or an insinuation that he is broke. Just curiosity I suppose.
  7. Dude, I really don't care if DN is in this game or not. I also am aware that he is not hurting for mobneys. Just a bit curious. He does post his winnings and losings frequently which kind of brings on these types of ponderings
  8. Quote from Eli Elezra in recent Cardplayer articleEE: Look at some of the players who play in our game. One player, for example, was on top of the world recently. He had about $10 million or $12 million to his name. He played as high as $8,000-$16,000 and now he can't even ante in our game. Now he is playing much smaller games, $400-$800, which is still big to some people. But he can't come to our game anymore because he has to build himself up first. I think that he made a mistake by jumping too high.
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